First Impression: Again My Life

Drama Profile

Title: Again My Life
Main Cast: Lee Joon-gi, Lee Geung-young, Kim Ji-eun, Jung Sang-hoon, Kim Jae-kyung
Writer: Kim Yul
PD: Han Chul-soo, Kim Yong-min
Timeslot: Friday and Saturday  / 22:00H (KST)
Network: SBS, Viu
Episodes: 16
Genre: Action Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

“Passionate prosecutor Kim Hee-woo is murdered while investigating the powerful Cho Tae-sub, who controls the entire nation while standing above the law. He miraculously gets a second chance at life and goes back in time. Using the memories of his past life to get ahead of his enemies, Hee Woo plans the perfect revenge.” (sourced from Viu)

Grumpy’s First Impression

Lee Joon-gi is back! 🥺 I’m so happy. He’s one of the top-caliber actors that I always look forward to watching. His range is remarkable, and he’s the only actor whose action dramas I can tolerate wholeheartedly. The genre is not my cup of tea, but for some reason, he always lures me into this fictional world and makes me root for an underdog and revenge-driven hero whose out to fight the wicked and corrupt. Again My Life had a promising start – I do hope it lives up to the good first impression!

Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) is a prosecutor by the books. He is passionate about justice. His heart always belonged to the oppressed, but the path never came easy for him. The first two episodes laid down the foundation of the Hee-woo’s universe. How he spent his life chasing criminals, how his pursuit against corruption led to his death, and how he got a second chance at life.

We met Hee-woo as a hardworking prosecutor who lost his parents when he was a young adult. He was not interested in school – mainly spent his days doing part-time jobs and ignoring his parents. Hee-woo harbored ill feelings towards his parents, who work as nighttime factory workers. His parents died one day on their way home in a hit-and-run accident. This completely changed his life, his perspective, and his goal. He persevered until he graduated from Hankuk University Law School and was sworn in as a prosecutor. His promising career ended abruptly when he met his eventual nemesis – crime cartel big boss/corrupt politician Cho Tae-sub (Lee Geung-young). Cho Tae-sub’s henchman killed Hee-woo in an action-packed fight, and then the drama soon reminded us of its fantasy element. Hee-woo’s soul meets a grim reaper (Cha Joo-young) and is offered to resurrect his life in exchange for punishing Cho Tae-sub.

Hee-woo wakes up fifteen years in the past, but he remembers everything from his “original” life. He did everything to save his parents from the unsolved car accident that had killed them. I am so happy for Hee-woo’s second chance with his family, but I can’t imagine someone who can study law school twice! He rewrites his life with newfound enthusiasm — completely changing his future. Hee-woo made it back to law school and corrected the awful events of the past. He saved people from their misfortunes and gained new friends along the way.

There are familiar people from Hee-woo’s first life who are now key players in his second one. Kim Han-mi (Kim Jae-kyung) is a tenacious reporter from the first episode, but she became Hee-woo’s “unplanned” friend in his new life after he saved her from being sexually harassed by privileged jerks. I honestly want to ship Han-mi and Hee-woo. But their friendship is already established early on; I can’t complain. Just more screen time with the two of them, that’s all I ask.

Sweet college cutie Kim Hee-ah (Kim Ji-eun) is shown a bit late in the second episode, but she’s billed as the female lead for this drama, so I think we’ll see more of her in the coming episodes. She seems kindhearted, and her chemistry with Hee-woo is already at work! I also like her! Ahhh, there are so many characters to root for in this show. I’m getting anxious.

G Alley

👨‍⚖️ It’s not a Lee Joon-gi drama if he doesn’t run or beat people up.

👨‍⚖️ The only issue I have for now is that Lee Joon-gi plays a college student here. I know I said I love him, but I won’t defend the show’s decision not to let someone more age-appropriate play the younger Hee-woo. LOL

👨‍⚖️ Nae maeum seoge jeojang!!!

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