Korean adaptation of Cleaning Up reveals cast line-up

The British TV show Cleaning Up will get a Korean adaptation as JTBC’s upcoming weekend drama.

The series will be led by Yum Jung-ah (Snowdrop), Jeon So-min (Show Window: The Queen’s House), and Kim Jae-hwa (Work Later, Drink Now). They will also be joined by actors Na In-woo (River Where the Moon Rises) and Lee Mu-saeng (Thirty Nine).

Cleaning Up tells the story of the struggle of three office cleaners at a security firm who would get involved in the world of insider trading. Yum Jung-ah will be taking on the role of Eo Yong-mi, who is struggling to make a living to raise her two daughters. She will have to make a crucial decision on whether she would use the information she overheard while working at the Bested Investment Securities. Jeon So-min will play the role of Ahn In-kyung, Yong-mi’s timid and fearful co-worker who is trying to save up some money to achieve her dream of running her own moving café. Kim Jae-hwa, meanwhile, will be portraying the character of Meng Soo-ja, a fellow cleaner of Yong-mi and In-kyung described as a deceptive character with many faces and knows a lot of schemes.

Meanwhile, Na In-woo and Lee Mu-saeng will take on the roles of Doo Young and Lee Young-shin respectively. Doo Young is a warmhearted student renting a room at Yong-mi’s house who is skilled with his hands and knowledgeable about machinery and electricity. Lee Young-shin, on the other hand, is described as a mysterious character who works as an informant for a law firm.

Joining them as well are Gal So-won (Tomorrow), Kim Tae-woo (Bossam: Steal the Fate), Oh Seung-yun (The Last Empress), Han Si-eun (Mystic Pop-up Bar), Jang Shin-young (Tower of Babel), Song Jae-hee (Mouse), Kim In-kwon (The King’s Affection), and Jeon Guk-hyang (Kill Heel).

Gal So-won will play the role of Jin Yun-ah, the eldest daughter of Yong-mi while Kim Tae-woo is set to play the role of Yong-mi’s ex-husband Jin Sung-woo. Oh Seung-yun, meanwhile, will act as In-kyung’s ex-boyfriend Byeong-rul.

Bested Investment Securities employees will be composed of characters played by Jang Shin-young, (Geum Jan-di, audit team leader), Song Jae-hee (Yoon Tae-kyung, trading team leader), and Kim In-kwon (Cheon Deok-gyu, cleaning service manager). Lastly, Jang Guk-hyang join the cast and will play the role of Jang Kyung-ja.

Cleaning Up will be written by scriptwriter Choi Kyung-mi (Return) and will be helmed by PD Yoon Sung-sik (Mr. Queen). It is set to premiere in JTBC after the conclusion of My Liberation Notes.

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