Lee Jin-wook, Lee Yeon-hee confirmed for Kakao TV’s new romance drama

Lee Jin-wook (Bulgasal: Immortal Souls) and Lee Yeon-hee (The Game: Towards Zero) have been confirmed to star in Kakao TV’s upcoming romance drama Marriage White Paper (literal title).

The 12-episode series will revolve around a couple in their 30s while they prepare for their marriage. It will capture the reality of marriage preparations from the meeting between families to finding a house. Lee Jin-wook will play the role of groom-to-be Seo Jun-hyung, who is happy to yield to his fiancée’s every command. He is described as someone with honest and an optimistic personality. Lee Yeon-hee, meanwhile, will play the role of bride-to-be Kim Na-eun, who is described as lovable, affectionate, and hard worker.

Marriage White Paper is penned by Choi Yi-rang and will be directed by Song Je-young and Seo Joo-wan. Each episode will be 30-minute-long and is scheduled to stream on Kakao TV in the first half of this year.

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