Park Ji-hoon, Choi Hyun-wook, Hong Kyung to star in wavve’s action school drama

Park Ji-hoon (At a Distance, Spring is Green), Choi Hyun-wook (Twenty-Five, Twenty-One), and Hong Kyung (Lovers of the Red Sky) have been confirmed to star in the upcoming wavve series entitled Weak Hero (literal title).

Weak Hero is an action school drama based on the popular webtoon of the same time. The story centers around a model student as he tries to fight the violence that unfolds at and outside of school. Park Ji-hoon will take on the lead role of Yeon Si-eon, a model student belonging to the 1 percent. He is described as someone who has a weak appearance but uses his brain to win his battles and eventually dominates the school.

Choi Hyun-wook will be playing the role of Ahn Su-ho, an honest student who is not very interested in school besides graduating with a perfect attendance as he promised his grandmother. Hong Kyung will be portraying the character of Oh Beom-seok, who idolizes Si-eon for being a weak hero, and Su-ho for his honest trait.

The series adaptation will be written and directed by Yoon Soo-min. It is scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year.

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