Namgoong Min, Kim Ji-eun reunite in new SBS legal drama

Namgoong Min (The Veil), Kim Ji-eun (Again My Life), Choi Dae-hoon (Melancholia), Lee Deok-hwa (A Business Proposal), and Park Jin-woo (Military Prosecutor Doberman) will star in SBS’s next Friday-Saturday drama “1000 Won Lawyer” (literal title).

The drama follows lawyer Cheon Ji-hoon, a troublemaker who is incredibly proficient yet only costs 1000 won ($0.78) for his services. The exciting legal drama follows Cheon Ji-hoon as he battles the wealthy who avoid the law and lawyers who charge exorbitant fees.

Namgoong Min will portray Cheon Ji-hoon, the most cost-effective legal hero, whom anyone can meet for only 1000 won. Cheon Ji-hoon makes a great impact as a legal rebel thanks to his beautiful permed hair.

Kim Ji-eun will play Baek Ma-ri, a prosecutor in the last stages of training at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. She comes from a judicial “royal family,” with excellent credentials and a bright career ahead of her. When Baek Ma-ri meets Cheon Ji-hoon, her easygoing life is changed forever.

Choi Dae-hoon will portray prosecutor Seo Min-hyuk, a member of the royal family of the legal system. He aspires to keep the privileges that come with being born into an affluent family and being a member of the inner circle. After completing two years of training at the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, he plans to marry Baek Ma-ri and convert her family’s Law Firm Baek into Law Firm Baek&Seo.

Baek Ma-ri’s grandfather and representative attorney Baek Hyun-moo, who created the large-scale Legal Firm Baek, will be played by Lee Deok-hwa. He believes lawyers should defend with their hearts, and although Baek has several top lawyers on staff, he wants Cheon Ji-hoon to join his business. This is also why he sends his granddaughter Baek Ma-ri to be with Cheon Ji-hoon.

Park Jin-woo will play Sa Moo-jang, the legal assistant who watches after Cheon Ji-hoon, spending his own money and driving his own car without being paid. Sa Moo-jang is the ideal partner for Cheon Ji-hoon, as his name literally means “legal assistant.”

1000 Won Lawyer will premiere in 2022.

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