PENTAGON’s Hongseok, Jung Woo-jin, Lee So-hee, Shin So-hyun cast in KakaoTV’s Aquaman

PENTAGON’s Hongseok (Shadow Beauty), Jung Woo-jin (Sometoon 2020), Lee So-hee (To.two), and Shin So-hyun (Thirty-Nine) are all confirmed in the new KakaoTV original drama “Aquaman” (literal title).

Aquaman is a campus drama about Shin Na-ru and Ji Sung-joon’s nine-year friendship, during which Ji Sung-joon intervenes in Shin Na-ru’s love affairs. The drama is based on a popular webtoon of the same name that was serialized on Kakao Webtoon and received widespread acclaim for its delicate portrayal of friendship and love among youngsters, with over 180 million total views and a 9.9 rating.

Hongseok will play Ji Sung-joon, a close friend of Shin Na-ru and Choi So-ra for nine years. Despite his chilly exterior, Ji Sung-joon is a warmhearted figure who always dates someone thanks to his attractive appearance and excellent social skills. With his lifelong friend Shin Na-ru though, Ji Sung-joon becomes sensitive.

Jung Woo-jin will portray Shin Na-ru, a rising star in the art world. Despite his kind appearance, he exudes an icy demeanor, acting skeptical towards new acquaintances. He opens up his heart, though, to Ji Sung Joon and Choi So Ra.

Lee So-hee takes on the role of Shin Na-ru’s close buddy Choi So-ra, who attends the same department as Shin Na-ru. She has a wonderful attitude and is bursting with love for Ji Sung-joon and Shin Na-ru because she values loyalty and friendship.

Shin So-hyun will turn into Yoo So-mi, a bright 20-year-old college student. She’s the type of character who knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t want. Yoo So-mi believes that if she sets her mind on it, dating will be just as easy as studying and making friends. She is smitten by Shin Na-ru at first sight and sets out to change her destiny.

Aquaman will air this summer as a 12-episode mid-form drama.

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