Red Velvet’s Joy, Chu Young-woo team up in new KakaoTV drama

Red Velvet’s Joy (The One and Only) and Chu Young-woo (School 2021) will star in the upcoming KakaoTV drama “Unexpected Country Diary” (literal title).

Unexpected Country Diary is based on Park Ha-min’s web novel of the same name. It’s a love story about a man from Seoul who meets a policewoman in the countryside. The drama will highlight the pleasures and sufferings of the pure and compassionate people of Heedong Village, besides the two protagonists’ love story set against the backdrop of fresh nature.

Joy will play Ahn Ja-young, a cop who comes whenever someone requires help. No one in Heedong Village dislikes her, and whenever a dispute arises in the community, she resolves it quickly. She’s outgoing and sociable, in contrast to Han Ji-yool, a veterinarian from Seoul.

Han Ji-yool, a man with a prickly demeanor, will be played by Chu Young-woo. He is unconcerned about others and follows the rules of the letter. Life in Heedong Village is difficult for him, as his serene daily routine is turned upside down by his new neighbors, who are intrusive. However, after meeting Ahn Ja-young, his long-forgotten feelings come to life, and he gradually transforms.

Previously, Jang Keun-suk and Choi Soo-young were in talks for the drama, but it did not push through.

Kwon Seok-jang (Bossam: Steal the Fate, Avengers Social Club, Miss Korea) will direct the drama.

Unexpected Country Diary will be a 12-episode mid-form drama that will air in the second part of this year.

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