The Best of “Welcome to Wedding Hell”

Weddings are usually the be-all and end-all of happily-ever-afters in most romance K-dramas. They portrayed weddings as this magical new beginning for characters. And usually, we jumped from the proposal scene straight to the wedding day scene without knowing what happened in between. That’s probably because, in reality, wedding preparation can be difficult as hell. And that’s what Welcome to Wedding Hell is all about – a series that showed the grueling process of preparing for a wedding but in a classic romantic comedy fashion.

Here are some reasons why you should watch Welcome to Wedding Hell:

His/Her POV

The series tells the story of couple Seo Jun-hyung (Lee Jin-wook) and Kim Na-eun (Lee Yeon-hee) who took the next step in their relationship and finally decided to get married. And as they prepare for their big day, Jun-hyung and Na-eun eventually discover that dating and marriage are different. So is a man and woman’s perspective about it. They showed the opinions of both sides on important matters like financial management and building a home together. Sounds a bit serious right? But all of it was shown in a very entertaining manner – with baseball as a metaphor. Each episode too showed how Jun-hyung and Na-eun eventually made a compromise when they have a disagreement.

The Eomonims (Mothers-in-Law)

Aside from the main characters’ perspective, Welcome to Wedding Hell also showed how weddings are viewed by the groom and bride’s parents. There was an episode where Jun-hyung and Na-eun’s eomonims Park Mi-sook (Yoon Yoo-sun) and Lee Dal-young (Kim Mi-kyung) bicker but resolve it in the end. Their disagreements are mostly rooted in societal expectations for the bride and groom’s family although they really didn’t delve more into that. They instead show that Korean (or Asian, if I may say) culture gives importance to families’ opinion on one’s marriage even in this day and age.

Supportive Friends

The main plot is really simple so some side stories are added to make it longer. Those side stories came in the form of Jun-hyung’s friend Jang Min-woo (Song Jin-woo) and Na-eun’s friends Choi Hee-seon (Hwang Seung-eon) and Lee Soo-yeon (Kim Ju-yeon). Their perspectives about marriage were entertaining to watch since they differ to the very in-love Jun-hyung and Na-eun’s opinions. Their ideas and opinions are mostly bound by their own experience in dating and marriage. The romance between Min-woo and Hee-seon was a welcome addition to this short series.

Short-form Format

This series is only 12 episodes long with 30 to 40 minutes of running time each. It’s very easy to binge watch especially if you’re just looking for a very light-hearted feel-good series. This would really bring you such good vibes and (probably) some realistic relationship advice.    

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