Korean remake of hit French series “Call My Agent!” confirms cast

Lee Seo-jin (Dr. Park’s Clinic), Kwak Sun-young (Hospital Playlist 2), Seo Hyun-woo (Flower of Evil), and Joo Hyun-young (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) are all confirmed for the Korean remake of “Call My Agent!

Call My Agent! is a French series with four seasons that revolves around the daily lives of top stars and their managers. The remake will air on tvN and will be patterned with the Korean entertainment industry.

Lee Seo-jin leads the drama as Ma Tae-oh, the General Director of Method Entertainment and a recent business administration graduate from a prominent university. In addition to being kind and smart, Ma Tae-oh is a natural strategist who won’t hesitate to use any trick in the book to get what he wants.

Kwak Sun-young will play as Cheon Jae-in, a competitive workaholic who takes great pride in her work. She has been a manager for 14 years after rising through the ranks from field manager to team leader. Cheon Jae-in frequently butts heads with Ma Tae-oh as a result of her hot-tempered nature and tendency to rush headlong toward her objectives.

Seo Hyun-woo will transform into the team manager Kim Joong-don, who is well-known for being Cheon Jae-in’s best buddy. A kind-hearted person, Kim Joong-don struggles to say no to people and doesn’t want to cause them any trouble. Kim Joong-don works by building a strong degree of trust with the stars he manages, as opposed to Ma Tae Oh, who views actors as a method of success. He also favors stability over obstacles.

Joo Hyun-young will portray new manager So Hyun-joo, who after years of wishing to work in the entertainment industry, has finally arrived in Seoul. So Hyun-joo develops into a skilled manager despite her lack of experience and inevitable mistakes by applying her impressionable senses, open-mindedness, and natural patience and responsibility.

The drama will be directed by PD Baek Seung-ryong (Pegasus Market) and written by Park So-young and Lee Chan.

Call My Agent! will premiere in the second half of 2022.

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