Lee Bo-young, Jo Sung-ha, Son Na-eun and more star in new JTBC office drama

Lee Bo-young (Mine), Jo Sung-ha (Adamas), Son Na-eun (Ghost Doctor), Han Joon-woo (Pachinko), and Jun Hye-jin (My Liberation Notes) are all confirmed in the upcoming JTBC drama “Agency” (working title).

Agency is a workplace drama about a woman who becomes the first female executive of an advertising firm. The drama will depict the real-life behind-the-scene narratives and the daily lives of those surviving in the competitive world of advertising.

Lee Bo-young will transform into Creative Director (CD) Go Ah-in, who heads Production Team 2 of VC Planning, the nation’s leading advertisement agency. She began her career as a copywriter and is the only applicant to pass the admission exam with a perfect score. Go Ah-in always sticks to her schedule, constantly dresses in formal gear, and never appears unprofessional. She earned the title of “advertisement queen” after 19 years of working like a machine and eventually became the first female executive of the company. She didn’t have the strongest academic foundation growing up in poverty, but she has a tremendous drive to succeed. Go Ah-in stuns everyone by attempting to reach the top position.

Jo Sung-ha will take on the role of Choi Chang-soo, VC Planning’s Director of Planning. He was an economics major at Hankuk University and entered the company through open recruitment. His main goal is to become the next CEO and gain support from fellow college juniors whom he took under his wing. He’s cold and intelligent, but he cannot fully control Go Ah-in the way he wants to.

Son Na-eun will portray the role of VC Group’s third-generation chaebol Kang Han-na. She is a social media celebrity and influencer who equates success to independence. Kang Han-na may appear immature by leading a glamorous life, but all she has been doing is waiting for the right moment. When she gets hired as the Director of Social Media at VC Planning, the opportunity arises. Kang Han-na’s brilliant intuition advises her to employ Go Ah-in in order to follow the group’s succession order.

Han Joon-woo will portray Park Young-woo, a secretary for VC Group who protects Kang Han-na ever since she was a student studying overseas. He has served as both her private instructor and bodyguard. As Kang Han-na’s devoted right-hand man, he always finds a way out of a tight spot, sometimes even by force.

Jun Hye-jin will play Jo Eun-jung, a copywriter for Planning Team 2. She has a somewhat more challenging work environment because she is a working mother with a five-year-old boy when Go Ah-in invited her to the firm. Jo Eun-jung decides without a second thought to join Go Ah-in for exposure, despite everyone trying to stop her. As her workload skyrockets, so do her family’s gripes. She becomes inquisitive about the life of her role model, Go Ah-in, who just lives to succeed because she has always had to choose between family and career.

The drama will be directed by Lee Chang-min (Monthly Magazine Home, Welcome to Waikiki, Man To Man) while the script will be written by Song Soo-han).

Agency will premiere in the first half of 2023.

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