TVING crime drama “Villains” confirms Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Min-jung, Kwak Do-won, Lee Bum-soo

Yoo Ji-tae (Money Heist Korea), Lee Min-jung (Once Again), Kwak Do-won (Never Give Up), and Lee Bum-soo (Prime Minister and I) are all confirmed for the upcoming TVING original series “Villains” (literal title)

The crime thriller centers on a fiercely competitive tale of villains and their run-ins with an extremely accurate counterfeit money known as “Super Note.”

Yoo Ji-tae stars as a brilliant crime architect who goes by the code name “J.” He is widely known as a sociopath with a flawless crime rate who considers his crimes as masterpieces.

Lee Min-jung will transform into Han Soo-hyun, the greatest creator of fake currency. Han Soo Hyun, who is living a hopeless life, meets a manufacturer of counterfeit notes and picks up the skills necessary to excel in the field. J’s project caused her life to fall apart five years earlier, so when he unexpectedly reappears in her life, she becomes consumed by greed in an effort to exact revenge.

Kwak Do-won will play detective Jang Joong-hyuk, the ruthless final boss who obtains money from thieves without mercy. Jang Joong-hyuk is forced to confront reality very early in his life since he lacks education and social connections. As his obsession with money grows, he evolves into a corrupt detective. He believes that his wrongdoings will be justified eventually by money and promotions.

Lee Bum-soo will play the role of Cha Gi-tae, the former head of the National Intelligence Service Financial Crimes Team. He used to track down “J” from five years ago but failed. Cha Gi-tae will once again encounter the characters from his old case, which prompts him to resume his pursuit against the crime syndicate.

The drama will be directed by Jin Hyuk (Sisyphus, Legend of the Blue Sea, Master’s Sun) while the script will be written by director Kim Hyun-joon (No Mercy).

Villains will premiere in 2023 on TVING.

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