In Spotlight: Kang Tae-oh Filmography

Before becoming a household name because of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Kang Tae-oh is already working for almost a decade, mostly appearing in guest cameos and supporting roles.

Born on June 20, 1994, Kang Tae-oh’s real name is Kim Yoon-hwan. Upon joining Fantagio, he debuted as a member of the agency’s first actor-idol group 5urprise, with Seo Kang-joon, Lee Tae-hwan, Gong Myung, and Yoo Il as the other members. The group went on to star in an acting project and released a single entitled, “Hey U Come On” in 2013.

It’s a perfect time to check out his filmography as he is set to enter military service soon. Ahjummamshies, this month’s In Spotlight: Kang Tae-oh!

After School Lucky Or Not (Naver TV Cast / 2013) – Kang Tae-poong

He made his acting debut through the 2013 web drama After School Lucky Or Not, which starred his fellow actor group 5urprise.

Miss Korea (MBC / 2013-2014) – Ma Ae-ri’s son

In 2013, he became part of the MBC romance drama Miss Korea, where he played the role of Ma Ae-ri’s (Lee Mi-sook) son.

Forever Young (VTV / 2014) – Lee Jun-su

In 2014, he starred in a Vietnamese drama entitled Forever Young. He played the role of idol trainee Lee Jun-su, and even won the Best Actor trophy at the 2015 VTV Drama Awards The drama became popular and spawned a second season in 2016.

Flower of the Queen (MBC / 2015) – Heo Dong-goo

He had a minor role in the MBC weekend drama Flower of the Queen, topbilled by Kim Sung-ryung, Lee Sung-kyung, Lee Jong-hyuk and Yoon Park.

Second 20’s (tvN / 2015) – Kim Woo-chul (young)

He played the younger version of Choi Won-young’s character, Kim Woo-chul, in the 2015 tvN drama, Second 20s.

The Dearest Lady (MBC / 2015-2016) – Choi Young-gwang

He played another supporting role for the family-oriented daily drama The Dearest Lady.

You Are Too Much (MBC / 2017) – Lee Kyung-soo

In 2017, he became part of the MBC drama You Are Too Much. He played the role of Lee Kyung-soo / Yoon Sang-ah, a visually impaired cafe owner and piano teacher and the son of the main protagonist Yoo Ji-na (played by Uhm Jung-hwa).

That Man Oh Soo (OCN / 2018) – Kim Jin-woo

In 2018, he gave us second lead syndrome in the drama That Man Oh-Soo, where he played the role of Kim Jin-woo.

Short (OCN / 2018) – Kang Ho-young

In 2018, he starred in the sports drama, Short, a four-episode series that aired on OCN. It is about a novice short-track speed skater who became part of the world’s highest speed skating team.

Feng Shui (2018) – Won-kyung

He took part in the star-studded historical film Feng Shui, alongside Ji Sung, Cho Seung-woo, and Moon Chae-won, among others.

My First First Love 1 and 2 (Netflix / 2019) – Choi Hoon

Kang Tae-oh appeared in both seasons of the original Netflix series My First First Love as Hoon, a college dropout who pursues his dream of becoming a musician/actor. 

The Tale of Nokdu (KBS2 / 2019) – Cha Yool-mu

He charmed us off with his princely guise in the 2019 historical rom-com The Tale of Nokdu. Starring alongside Jang Dong-yoon and Kim So-hyun, Kang Tae-oh played the role of Cha Yool-mu, the King’s nephew and the former betrothed of Dong-joo (played by Kim So-hyun).

Love With Flaws (MBC / 2019-2020) – Jung-tae (ep.1)

In 2019, he made a special appearance in the rom-com series, Love with Flaws. He appeared as Jung-tae, the ex-boyfriend of the series’ protagonist, Joo Seo-yeon (played by Oh Yeon-seo).

Run On (JTBC / 2020) – Lee Yeong-hwa

Before he became everyone’s green flag, he captured our hearts first as Lee Yeong-hwa in 2020’s Run On! He played as a cheerful art student who donates his paintings to a neighborhood cafe. In short, Mr. Perfect!

Doom at Your Service (tvN / 2021) – Lee Hyun-kyu

He made us want to go back to our exes in the fantasy drama Doom At Your Service. He played the role of Lee Hyun-kyu, a coffee shop owner and the first love of Shin Do-hyun, who is Park Bo-young’s best friend.

Drama Special: The Effect of a Finger Flick on a Breakup (KBS2 / 2021) – Cha Min-jae

In 2021, he starred alongside with Shin Ye-eun in the KBS Drama Special, The Effect of a Finger Flick on a Breakup about a couple who breaks up after – yes you guessed it right – a finger flick game.

Thirty Nine (JTBC / 2022) – part-time worker (ep.11)

To show his support to Run On‘s co-PD Kim Sang-ho and his friend/co-member of 5urprise, Lee Tae-hwan, he had a two minute appearance as a part-time employee at the restaurant on the hit melodrama Thirty Nine.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Netflix-ENA / 2022) – Lee Jun-ho

He saved 2022 by portraying the thoughtful Lee Jun-ho, a litigation officer at a top law firm who falls in love with a rookie lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome, in the hit drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

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