In Spotlight: Kim Se-jeong Filmography

In 2016, Kim Se-jeong, together with fellow trainees Kim Na-young and Kang Mi-na, represented Jellyfish Entertainment on the Mnet reality survival show Produce 101. She earned the nickname “God Sejeong” after ranking first place in several episodes. Following her successful stint in the reality program, Se-jeong started her journey as an actress.

In this edition of In Spotlight, we list down the acting projects of God-Sejeong!

The Sound of Your Heart (KBS2-Naver TV-Netflix / 2016-2017) – newlywed wife (cameo)

In 2016, she made a special appearance in the drama sitcom, The Sound of your Heart.

School 2017 (KBS2 / 2017) – Ra Eun-ho

She made her official acting debut through the seventh installment of KBS2’s School franchise – School 2017. She played the role of Ra Eun-ho who dreams of becoming a webtoon artist.

I Wanna Hear Your Song (KBS2 / 2019) – Hong Yi-young

In 2019, She took on her second leading role in the mystery romantic-comedy drama I Wanna Hear Your Song. Starring opposite Yeon Woo-jin, she played the role of timpanist Hong Yi-young, who suffers from insomnia.

The Uncanny Counter (OCN / 2020-2021) – Do Ha-na

In 2020, he became a paranormal hunter and joined the Counters in the mystery thriller, Uncanny Counter. DYK? Together with her co-stars, she attended an action school to prepare for her scenes as Do Hana.

Business Proposal (SBS / 2022) – Shin Ha-ri

In February 2022, Sejeong returned to the small screen to lead the rom-com series Business Proposal. Starring opposite Ahn Hyo-seop, she breathed into life the webtoon character Shin Ha-ri, a food researcher who went on a blind date with her boss.

Today’s Webtoon (SBS / 2022) – On Ma-eum

We are cheered for her as Oh Ma-eum in the coming-of-age series, Today’s Webtoon. Here she transformed into a judo star who now dreams of becoming a webtoon editor.

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