Im Si-wan, Seol-hyun cast in upcoming romance drama

Im Si-wan (Tracer) and Kim Seol-hyun (The Killer’s Shopping List) will pair up in an upcoming romance drama based on a popular webtoon.

I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything (literal translation) is a romance story about people who decide to move from the city to a small town to do nothing and eventually able to learn more about themselves.

Im Si-wan will breathe into life the character of Ahn Dae-bum, a math genius who managed to enter Seoul National University. After experiencing an unfortunate incident, Ahn Dae Bum moved to a small seaside village named Angok where he now works as a librarian.

Meanwhile, Kim Seol-hyun will take on the role of Lee Yeo-reum, a 28-year-old company worker who finally became a permanent employee after working there for five years. But after she experienced successive life tragedies, she quits her job and moves to Angok, where she lives in an empty billiard room.

The series will also star Shin Eun-soo (A Model Family) and Bang Jae-min (Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me). The production will be helmed by PD Lee Yoon-jung (The Lies Within). It is created by KT Studio Genie and GTist. It is set to premiere in November through ENA, Genie TV, and seezn.

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