Lee Sang-yeob, Kim So-hye teams up for new KBS drama

Lee Sang-yeob (Eve) and Kim So-hye (Her Bucket List) are confirmed to lead the KBS upcoming drama Pure Boxer.

Based on the novel Pure Boxer Lee Kwon-sok by Choo Jong-nam, the sports drama’s story will revolve around a cold-blooded sports agent who doesn’t feel guilty about match-fixing to earn money and the success of his athletes. The series will be about the struggles of maturing youths and will show the lives of people who work in the sports industry.

Lee Sang-yeob will play the role of Kim Tae-young, a sports agent who persuades talented athletes to work with him and then retires them in a short period after earning a large sum from them. Kim So Hye, meanwhile, will take on the role of Lee Kwon-sook, a genius boxer who emerged as a boxing star at the age of 17. She disappeared in the past and is currently living a new life until she meets Kim Tae-young.

Pure Boxer is set to premiere in the first half of 2023.

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