In Spotlight: Ha Ji-won Filmography

Born Jeon Hae-rim, actress Ha Ji-won has been in the entertainment industry since 1996. She was scouted by an agency when she was a senior high school student after seeing her picture at a photography studio. Since then, she became one of South Korea’s most sought-after actresses known for memorable roles in both TV and films. She bravely took on roles in different genres such as horror, romance, comedy, drama, action, sports, and medical.

New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Understand Us (KBS/1996) – Jeon Hae-rim

She made her TV debut in 1996 through KBS’ New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Understand Us. The show presents a new story in each episode and Ha Ji-won appeared under her real name Jeon Hae-rim.

School 2 (KBS / 1999) – Jang Se-jin

She started gaining popularity as an actress after taking the role of troubled teen Jang Se-jin in the 1999 KBS high school drama School 2.

Secret (MBC / 2000) – Lee Ji-eun

Together with Kim Ha-neul, Ryu Si-won, and Kim Min-jong, she starred in the antagonist role Lee Ji-eun in the 2000 MBC series, Secret.

Truth Game (2000) – Han Da-hye

Four years after her acting debut, Ha Ji-won makes her silver screen debut through the 2000 thriller film Truth Game. Her portrayal as Han Da-hye gave her Best New Actress trophies at the 37th Grand Bell Awards and 1st Busan Film Critics Awards.

Ditto (2000) – Seo Hyun-ji

Starring in her third movie in 2000, she became part of the sci-fi romance film Ditto. Her portrayal of Seo Hyeon-ji won her a Best Supporting Actress trophy at the 21st Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Nightmare (2000) – Eun-joo

In 2000, she starred in Ahn Byeong-ki’s horror movie Nightmare, playing the role of mysterious Eun-ju/Kyung-ah.

Life is Beautiful (KBS2 / 2001) – Yoo Hee-jung

In 2001, she starred opposite Kim Rae-won in the KBS weekend drama Life is Beautiful.

Phone (2002) – Ji-Won

She reunited with director Ahn Byeong-ki in the 2002 horror movie Phone. The film became a success and earned her a nickname as Asia’s Horror Princess.

Sex Is Zero (2002) – Lee Eun-hyo

She proved her box-office bankability when she starred in the hit movie, Sex Is Zero. The 2002 American Pie-inspired gave her the Popularity Award at the 39th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Reversal of Fortune (2003) – Han Ji-young

In 2003, she starred opposite Kim Seung-woo in the movie Reversal of Fortune. The film used several songs as its official soundtrack from Ha Ji-won’s debut album Home Run.

Damo: The Legendary Police Woman (MBC / 2003) – Chae-ok

In 2003, she starred in her first-ever historical drama through MBC’s Damo.

Memories of Bali (SBS / 2004) – Lee Soo-jung

In 2004, she starred in the heavy melodrama, Memories of Bali, alongside Jo In-sung and So Ji-sub. Her role as Lee Soo-jung earned her the Best Actress award at the prestigious 40th Baeksang Arts Awards.

100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (2004) – Kang Ha-young

In 2004, she starred opposite Kim Jae-won in the romance comedy movie 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant.

Love So Divine (2004) – Yang Bong-hee

She and Kwon Sang-woo starred in the romantic comedy film Love, So Divine in 2004.

Daddy-Long-Legs (2005) – Cha Young-mi

She starred opposite Yeon Jung-hoon in the 2005 movie Daddy Long Legs, which was inspired by the novel of the same title written by Jean Webster.

Fashion 70’s (SBS / 2005) – university student (cameo)

She made a cameo appearance as a university student on the third episode of the 2005 SBS drama Fashion 70s.

Duelist (2005) – Namsoon

Starring alongside Gang Dong-won and Ahn Sung-ki, she portrayed the role of undercover detective protege Namsoon in the 2055 martial arts film Duelist.

All For Love (2005) – Yun-joo (cameo)

She made a special appearance in the 2005 romance ensemble film, All For Love.

Hwang Jini (KBS2 / 2006) – Hwang Jini

She took on the titular role in the 2006 KBS period drama Hwang Jini. At the end of the year, she won the Daesang at the KBS Drama Awards.

Miracle on 1st Street (2007) – Myung-ran

In 2007, she took on the challenging role of female boxer Myung-ran in the comedy film Miracle on 1st Street.

Sex is Zero 2 (2007) – Eun-hyo (cameo)

She made a special appearance in Sex is Zero 2, the sequel of her 2002 hit movie.

His Last Gift (2008) – Min Hye-young (cameo)

Ha Ji-won took on a cameo role as Min Hye-young in the 2008 film His Last Gift.

BA:BO / Miracle of Giving a Fool (2008) – Ji-ho

In 2008, together with Cha Tae-hyun, Ha Ji-won starred in the movie adaptation of popular webtoon BA:BO or also known as Miracle of Giving a Fool.

Tidal Wave (2009) – Kang Yeon-hee

In 2009, she starred in South Korea’s first disaster film Tidal Wave alongside Sol Kyung-gu, Park Joong-hoon, and Uhm Jung-hwa.

Closer to Heaven (2009) – Lee Ji-Soo

She played the role of a twice-divorced funeral director in the 2009 movie, Closer to Heaven.

Secret Garden (SBS / 2010-2011) – Gil Ra-im

After focusing on films for four years, she made her TV comeback in 2010 through the hit romance fantasy series Secret Garden. In the Kim Eun-sook written series, she played the role of the now-iconic character stunt woman Gil Ra-im.

Sector 7 (2011) – Cha Hae-Joon

She showcased her versatility when she starred in the 2011 horror-science fiction action film Sector 7.

The King 2 Hearts (MBC / 2012) – Kim Hang-ah

Together with Lee Seung-gi, they top-billed the 2012 alternate history drama The King 2 Hearts. She played the role of Kim Hang-ah, a North Korean Special Forces Officer who married a South Korean crown prince as a political strategy.

As One (2012) – Hyun Jung-hwa

In 2012, Ha ji-won starred with Bae Doo-na, Han Ye-ri, and Choi Yoon-young for the movie As One. The film was based on the events during the 1991 World Table Tennis Championship where the first ever joint North-South Korean Team played and won gold medal.

Empress Ki (MBC / 2013-2014) – Ki Seung-nyang / Empress Ki

In 2013, Ha Ji-won bagged her second Daesang award for her performance as the titular character in the hit MBC period drama Empress Ki.

The Huntresses (2014) – Jin-ok

In 2014, Ha Ji-won starred in The Huntresses, a Charlie’s Angels-inspired action comedy film with Kang Ye-won and Son Ga-in. In the film they became the three most legendary bounty hunters in the Joseon dynasty.

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015) – Heo Ok-ran

In 2015, Ha Ji-won starred alongside Ha Jung-woo in Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, the South Korean film adaptation of the bestselling 1995 Chinese novel of the same title by Yu Hua.

The Time We Were Not In Love (SBS / 2015) – Oh Ha-na

In 2015, she took on the lead role in the romance drama The Time We Were Not in Love alongside actor Lee Jin-wook. The series was the Korean remake of 2011 hit Taiwanese drama In Time with You.

Life Risking Romance (2016) – Je-in

In 2016, Ha Ji-won worked with Chun Jung-myung and Chen Bolin in the South Korean-Chinese romance film, Life Risking Romance.

Hospital Ship (MBC / 2017) – Song Eun-jae

After a two-year break from TV series, she returned to the small screen through the 2017 MBC medical drama Hospital Ship. She played the role of Song Eun-jae, an ambitious surgeon who finds herself working on a hospital ship.

Chocolate (JTBC / 2019-2020) – Moon Cha-young

Together with Yoon Kye-sang, she starred in the 2019 romance melodrama Chocolate. She played the role of Moon Cha-yeong, who was supposed to become an actress but ended up becoming a chef.

Pawn (2020) – Seung-yi

After delays due to the pandemic, her movie with Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won “Pawn” hit the theaters in 2020. The human drama film received positive reviews and became number one at the box office for two weeks.

Curtain Call (KBS2 / 2022) – Park Se-yeon

This year, she made a TV drama comeback through KBS series Curtain Call together with Kang Ha-neul and veteran actress Go Doo-shim.

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