In Spotlight: Shin Seung-ho Filmography

From athlete to model to actor, Shin Seung-ho explored different paths before he finally turned to the world of acting. He played football from middle school through college. His love of the sport inspired him to pursue a degree in physical education at Dong-Eui University. After quitting football, he ventured into modeling and joined the SBS Supermodel Contest in 2016. Because of his image and his voice, he got a lot of remarks that he is suitable to pursue a career as an actor. Passionate Shin Seung-ho started studying acting and landed a debut role that opened bigger opportunities for him.

Let’s all look at Shin Seung-ho’s growth as an actor through his filmography!

A-Teen Season 1  (web drama / 2018) – Nam Shi-woo

He debuted as an actor in 2018 with the web drama A-teen.

Moment of Eighteen / At Eighteen (JTBC / 2019) – Ma Hwi-young

He played a top sophomore student who maintains a facade of apparent perfection while hiding a dark side in the youth drama, Moment of Eighteen.

Love Alarm (Netflix / 2019) – Jang Il-sik

He appeared in the Netflix original series Love Alarm as the judo student and ex-boyfriend of Kim So-hyun’s character, Kim Jo-jo.

How to Buy a Friend (KBS2 / 2020) – Heo Don-hyeok

He started a “contractual friendship” with Lee Shin-young in the 2020 webtoon-based KBS2 drama How To Buy A Friend.

Homemade Love Story (KBS2 / 2020) – man at the party (cameo)

He appeared as another trashy bad guy in a cameo for the pilot episode of the KBS2 weekend drama Homemade Love Story.

D.P. (Netflix / 2021) – Hwang Jang-soo

He was cast as a military police sergeant in the Netflix drama D.P. in 2021.

Double Patty (2021) – Woo-ram

In 2021, he portrayed a former Korean wrestling athlete who had to quit because of injury and the death of his mentor, in the coming-of-age movie Double Patty.

Alchemy of Souls (tvN / 2022) – Go Won

He portrayed the petty yet generous Crown Prince in the hit fantasy drama Alchemy of Souls, written by the famous duo Hong Sisters.

Weak Hero Class 1 (Wavve / 2022) – Jeon Seok-dae

He led a group of runaway youngsters in the wavve drama Weak Hero Class 1.

Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow (tvN / 2022) – Go Won

He reprised his role as the Crown Prince of Daeho in the second part of the Hong Sisters-penned fantasy drama Alchemy of Souls.

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