The Best of “Behind Every Star”

Behind Every Star has interesting original material to bank on. It’s an adaptation of a French comedy-drama series ‘Call My Agent’ which depicts the story of talent agents and their relationships with their actor clients. Behind Every Star took the essence of Call My Agent and use South Korea’s entertainment industry as its backdrop. The result is an interesting series filled with star-studded episodes and colorful main characters.

This dramedy, for most of its part, is entertaining to watch. Though some of its subplots are entertaining, there were instances that the guest’s story becomes more interesting than following the main characters’ stories. Overall, Behind Every Star is a good series to binge-watch especially if you’re interested in the behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry. Here are some of the best parts of Behind Every Star!

Method Entertainment Agents

Similar to other series which showed the life of those working in the entertainment industry, Behind Every Star put a spotlight on celebrity agents and the life inside the fictional agency Method Entertainment. The main plot of saving their agency was, to be honest, a bit weak and boring but the main characters however make up for the lackluster “challenge” they had to face.

Each agent has a unique personality and their differences make their dynamic amusing to watch. They have strategic Ma Tae-oh (Lee Seo-jin) to lead them as their General Director. The team also has the confident and quick-witted Chun Jane (Kwak Sun-young) and then there’s Kim Jung-don (Seo Hyun-woo), who is almost the opposite of Jane in every aspect but as clever as her anyway. One of their most senior agents Jang Myung-aeh (Shim So-young) also has a standout characterization much thanks to Shim So-young’s portrayal. 

Method Entertainment Clients

One of the most fun aspects of Behind Every Star is the special appearances of real-life celebrities. And they aren’t just there as passer-by characters. Each episode shows how the agents deal with their celebrity clients. They handle everything from petty friendly rivalries to serious marital problems. Each appearance was entertaining, sometimes even more entertaining than the development of the main characters. Some of the special appearances I’ve enjoyed are that of Cho Yeo-jeong, Lee Hee-jun, Jin Su-kyu, Kim Soo-ro, Park Ho-san, and Oh Na-ra. The most entertaining out of them I think was the Daniel Henney episode. However, my favorite is the episode with Lee Soon-jae as it was very heartwarming (please watch Dear My Friends!)

Method Entertainment Rookies

If the main agent characters and their clients are all established in their fields, there are also storylines in Behind Every Star that is about the characters who are struggling to find their place in their chosen path. The first among them is So Hyun-joo (Joo Hyun-young). She can be considered a central character since the narrative started with her and major plot points surround her as well. There is also a mystery subplot the show tried to build around her but somehow felt flat. Despite that, there are still some scenes where one could relate to So Hyun-joo. On the other hand, Kang Hee-sun (Hwang Se-on) is a charming character who made the most out of her screen time. 

Jane and Lee Sang-uk

Jane by far is my favorite character in this series. She’s smart, ambitious, and clever. She could compete against Tae-oh for the top job if she wanted to. And despite kicking ass at work, she still has time to find herself a beau. It came in the form of the gorgeous Lee Sang-uk (Noh Sang-hyun). They started fooling around and eventually became more serious in the end – which posed conflicts with Jane and her work. But the “separation” was a good build-up to their final resolution. Lee Sang-uk’s line ““If I lose you again, I’ll probably regret it. So if we’re going to regret it either way, then let’s regret it as a couple. If we don’t regret anything, even better” felt like it came straight from a grand gesture scene from a romance series. If Behind Every Star would get a second season, I would definitely watch it just to see these two again. 

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