In Spotlight: Lee Je-hoon Filmography

Lee Je-hoon is a renowned South Korean actor who has gained a significant following over the years. He started his career in the entertainment industry by dropping out of the Biotechnology major at Korea University and transferring to the School of Drama at the Korea National University of Arts. After appearing in numerous indie movies and short projects, Lee Je-hoon’s breakthrough came in 2011 when he starred in the critically acclaimed drama Bleak Night, which earned him accolades, including the Best New Actor Award at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. Since then, he has starred in various successful dramas and films, including Secret Door, Signal, Tomorrow with You, and Phantom Detective.

Lee Je-hoon enlisted for his mandatory military service in 2012 as a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency riot police and was discharged in 2014. Aside from his acting skills, he is also known for his philanthropic activities, such as donating to charities and disaster relief efforts. In 2019, he even co-founded the film production company HARDCUT along with director Yang Kyung-mo and producer Kim Yoo-kyung. He is set to launch his directorial debut movie soon!

With his talent and charitable spirit, Lee Je-hoon has become a beloved figure in the Korean entertainment industry. Presenting the works of the actor-director-philanthropist in this edition of In Spotlight!

The Pit and the Pendulum (2009) – Sang-tae (young)

He played the teenage version of Kim Tae-hoon’s character in the indie movie The Pit and The Pendulum in 2009.

Just Friends? (2009) – Seok-yi

In this BL-themed movie, Lee Je-hoon appeared alongside Yeon Woo-jin, and the two portrayed a young couple who despite their loving relationship remains discreet about this secret romance and struggles with the issue of coming out.

Three Sisters (SBS / 2010) – Kim Eun-kuk

In this family drama, Lee Je-hoon played a supporting role as the adopted son of Park Won-sook’s character.

The Influence (2010) – King Soonjong

In this short film, Lee Je-hoon plays the role of King Soonjong, a young king who is being manipulated by his royal court.

Be With Me (2010) – Kim Se-young (segment “Tarot 3. The Unseen”)

In this omnibus film, Lee Je-hoon appears in the segment “Tarot 3. The Unseen” as Kim Se-young. He plays a high school student who starts to see a mysterious figure in his dreams after receiving a tarot reading from his classmate.

Finding Mr. Destiny (2010) – Woo-hyung

In 2010, he appeared in the romantic comedy, Finding Mr. Destiny as Woo-hyung, an assistant director who works with Im Soo-jung’s character.

Bleak Night (2011) – Gi-tae

His breakout performance as the young son in the highly acclaimed movie The Bleak Night gave him his Best New Actor recognitions from Grand Bell Awards, Busan Film Critics Awards, 19th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, and 3rd KOFRA Film Awards!

The Front Line (2011) – Shin Il-young

In 2011, he was cast as a company commander named Captain Shin Il-Young in the movie The Front Line set during the Korean War.

Fashion King (SBS / 2012) – Jung Jae-hyuk

In 2012, he played the role of a rich man who leads a large fashion enterprise in the SBS drama Fashion King. He even sang one of the OSTs for the series!

Architecture 101 (2012) – Seung-min (past)

He played the role of Lee Seung-min in the 2012 film Architecture 101, the younger version of the male protagonist, played by Uhm Tae-woong. Lee Je-hoon’s portrayal received critical acclaim and helped him gain recognition as a rising star.

Ghost Sweepers (2012) – Shaman Suk-hyun

In 2012, he starred in the comedy horror film Ghost Sweepers alongside Kim Su-ro and Kang Ye-won.

An Ethics Lesson (2013) – Policeman Jung -hoon

He played a wire-tapping neighbor who got involved in the murder of a college girl in the 2013 crime thriller An Ethics Lesson.

My Paparotti (2013) – Jang-ho (high school student with singing talent)

He transformed into a  troubled student who pursued his dream of becoming a singer in the biographical movie My Paparotti. He even won Best Actor in a Music Film at the 2014 Jecheon International Music & Film Festival for his portrayal!

Secret Door (SBS / 2014) – Lee Sun (Crown Prince Sado)

He played Lee Seon, the son of Yeongjo, right before he became Crown Prince Sado in the 2014 SBS historical drama Secret Door.

Signal (tvN / 2016) – Park Hae-young

He led the hit police procedural drama Signal as a criminal profiler who communicates with a detective from the past through a walkie-talkie to solve cold cases.

Phantom Detective (2016) – Hong Gil-dong

His first acting role since fulfilling his mandatory military enlistment was the movie Phantom Detective, a modern iteration of the classic Korean folk hero Hong Gil-dong.

Anarchist from Colony (2017) – Park Yeol

He starved himself for five weeks for his role in the 2017 movie, Anarchist From Colony. He portrayed the role of Park Yeol, a historical figure who was an independent activist and anarchist.

I Can Speak (2017) – Park Min-Jae

In 2017, he starred in the movie I Can Speak as a ninth-level civil servant who befriends an elderly frequent visitor of their local government office and teaches her English.

Tomorrow With You (tvN / 2017) – Yoo So-joon

In 2016, he top-billed the romance drama Tomorrow With You as a time-traveling CEO who falls in love with a struggling photographer.

Where Stars Land (SBS / 2018) – Lee Soo-yeon

In the drama Where Stars Land, he took on the role of a first-year member of the Incheon Airport Passenger Services team who hides a big secret.

Hot Stove League (SBS / 2019-2020) – CEO of PF Company (ep.16)

Lee Je Hoon made a special guest appearance in episode 16 of the SBS hit drama Hot Stove League as the CEO of PF Company, a rival baseball team to the main team in the series.

Time to Hunt (2020) – Joon-seok

In the thriller movie Time To Hunt, Lee Je-hoon portrays Jun-seok, a financially struggling ex-convict who joins his friends in a dangerous heist to improve their lives, but soon finds themselves chased by an unyielding assassin.

Collectors (2020) – Kang Dong-goo

He played the role of a grave robber who raided and stole ancient artifacts buried deep inside the ground in the 2020 adventure film Collectors.

Taxi Driver (SBS / 2021) – Kim Do-ki

He topbilled the hit drama Taxi Driver as an ex-special force captain-turned-taxi driver for Rainbow Taxi Company, an undercover service that takes revenge on behalf of their clients.

Move To Heaven (Netflix / 2021) – Cho Sang-gu

He starred in the original Netflix series Move To Heaven as an ex-convict entrusted to care for his nephew. Together, they run the family’s trauma cleaning service business.

One Dollar Lawyer (SBS / 2022) – Lee Je-hoon (ep.6)

He once again graced his good friend Namgoong Min’s drama, One Dollar Lawyer, in a cameo appearance as himself, top star Lee Je-hoon.

Taxi Driver 2 (SBS / 2023) – Kim Do-ki

In 2023, he reprised his role as Kim Do-ki, the leader of the revenge team at Rainbow Taxi Company, in the hit drama Taxi Driver Season 2.

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