Stepping into Character: Life of Six K-Drama Characters I Want To Experience

Real life isn’t like the dramas we’ve seen. There’s no specific role one should play, which means you can be a main character in one moment and a supporting role most of the time. Sad moments wouldn’t be accompanied by sappy ballads nor the happy moments would happen along with a chirpy tune. There’s no script to follow nor a director shouting ‘cut’ or ‘good take’ to put our life on pause. Life is not a 16-episode series where we know the start and anticipate an ending and we can never choose what genre would happen to us next. So in our sixth year of K-drama blogging, we decided to share this ‘what-if’ list of characters whose lives I would want to experience. Because wouldn’t it be fun if we think of a parallel universe where we step into these characters’ shoes and experience their lives firsthand. 

Choi Ung (Our Beloved Summer)

Choi Ung is a top-of-mind pick for this list for me. He has an interesting perspective in life despite his laid-back facade. I’m curious about how an artist looks at the world around him. We may see ordinary buildings and old houses but Choi Ung sees beautiful lines and puts them into an intrinsic artwork. It also shows how he sees details in everything he looks at that including Kook Yeon-soo. She built a wall around her and toughened up herself but Choi Ung was able to see through her. Living as Choi Ung would feel like walking inside an artwork and appreciating even the smallest of details.

Sung Deok-mi (Her Private Life)

Choosing to live as Sung Deok-mi is a no-brainer. She’s living the life of a successful fangirl. She’s a capable art curator by day and a dedicated Cha Si-an fan master by night. Not to mention she has Ryan Gold as her boyfriend supports her in everything whether getting the best deal at an art auction or the best seat at a concert. Her life isn’t at all that perfect wouldn’t it be amusing to have romcom as your life’s main genre. 

Jang Gyeo-ul (Hospital Playlist)

Often misunderstood, GS Princess Jang Gyeo-ul might not be everyone’s choice of K-drama character. She’s the only resident in a huge department in her hospital university (I mean, 13 surgeons call her any time of the day for an assist and instruction or anything!). Her childhood in Gwangju wasn’t as blissful as everyone else. On top of that, her no-nonsense attitude can often be misunderstood by many – including her work crush Ahn Jeong-won. But Jang Gyeo-ul is one amazing character. She grew up well despite her past. She is loyal to her friends and mentor. She’s one of the best residents in her batch. And she was able to beat God! Her life’s theme song really is “hell was the journey but it brought me heaven.”

Jung Tae-ul (The King: Eternal Monarch)

Marrying someone who can control the powers of Manpasikjeok can be a curse or a gift depending on how you view it. But for Jang Tae-ul, as long as she’s with Lee Geon, every universe they travel into would be their fairytale setting. As someone interested in the multiverse theory, living the life of someone who could travel between them would be fascinating. And having a geeky late-night conversation with your mathematician of a husband-King-of-Corea wouldn’t be that bad. 

Song Ji-won (Age of Youth)

Most of us can look back fondly on our college life. It is, after all, the venue where we spent the blissful days of our youth. And if there is one college K-drama character I would want to live, it would be Song Ji-won. It would definitely be fun hanging out with the rest of her roommates at Belle Epoque, going into classes, befriending interesting people, and just looking at life with a positive attitude. 

Nam Se-hee (Because This Is My First Life)

Out of all the characters in this list, Nam Se-hee is living the life closest to what I imagine would be an ideal reality. He owns a house, a cat, a stable job, and even found a partner who understands his introversion. He might need some work on some social cues but he’s definitely making the most out of his first life. 

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