Kim Nam-gil, Kim Young-kwang eyed for Netflix’s new thriller “Trigger”

Kim Nam-gil (Island) and Kim Young-kwang (Call It Love) are in talks to join forces in the highly anticipated Netflix original drama “Trigger” (working title).

Trigger is set to be a gripping action-thriller that delves into the aftermath of an unexpected influx of firearms in South Korea, a nation known for its strict gun control policies. The series will revolve around two men who find themselves entangled in the chaos caused by the sudden availability of guns from an unknown source. While one protagonist believes in using firearms to protect the vulnerable, the other vehemently opposes any use of guns.

Kim Nam-gil is reportedly being considered for the character of Lee Do, a former military sniper and Olympic gold medalist turned police officer. Meanwhile, Kim Young-kwang has been offered the role of Moon Baek, a prominent figure involved in the illicit world of firearms dealing.

Backed by a substantial budget of 30 billion won (approximately $22.4 million), Trigger is expected to captivate audiences with its high production value. The series is slated for release in the first half of 2025, promising an exhilarating viewing experience for fans of thrilling dramas.

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