The Best of “Call It Love”

I started this drama full of anticipation because both leads are some of my favorite stars. To think that the genre is also my cup of tea, I couldn’t be more excited. From the melancholic vibe, questionable morals, and annoying characters, Call It Love has left an indelible impression on me. Join me as I share my adoration for this drama and delve into why it’s definitely one of this year’s best.

Revenge takes a backseat to love

Picture this: a world where love and revenge are like oil and water, complete opposites. Well, our girl Sim Woo-joo (Lee Sung-kyung) finds herself tangled up in a baffling affair that defies all logic. Despite the pain her family has gone through, thanks to her dad’s mistress, she falls head over heels for the woman’s son! Love really knows how to blur those revenge lines, shaking Woo-joo’s once rock-solid beliefs. And as her heart dives into this complicated affection, the flames of payback start flickering like crazy. Woo-joo’s got her head spinning as she wrestles with mixed emotions, questioning what’s right and rethinking her whole path in life.

But wait, there’s more! Enter Han Dong-jin (Kim Young-kwang), carrying the weight of betrayal inflicted by his long-time girlfriend. Poor guy’s navigating life with a heavy heart. Just when things couldn’t get any gloomier, a ray of hope beams down when he bumps into Woo-joo. It’s like sunshine cutting through stormy clouds, you know? This unexpected encounter brings a whole new love into Dong-jin’s life, bringing him solace and healing. From the ruins of his past, a beautiful connection blossoms. And let me tell you, this encounter gives him the guts to trust again, to be open to love’s transformative power. So long, loneliness! Dong-jin finally finds warmth and companionship that heals his wounded heart.

This drama got me torn on the noble idiot trope! Yep, you heard it right. This is one of those rare shows where I can actually tolerate it. Sometimes, you got to break up to grow up. It’s like they needed that much-needed space between them to let their love blossom. And let’s face it, being in-laws with the people who tore your family apart is no walk in the park, am I right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about fighting for love, but in this drama, time is the real MVP. You can’t rush healing wounds and starting over. Sometimes you just need that breathing room to let the heartache fade away. It pays to be patient and watch how Dong-jin and Woo-joo found their way back to each other.

Friends to lovers will never get old

Now let’s talk about Yoon Jun (Sung Joon). He’s got this whole “marriage is not my thing” mindset going on. But guess what? Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at you. And here’s the kicker: he goes and falls head over heels for none other than his best friend’s older sister! Talk about a plot twist! We all know how it goes when you start catching feelings for someone who’s supposedly off-limits. It’s like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. He’s torn between his belief that marriage isn’t his cup of tea and the undeniable connection he has with Shim Hye-seong (Kim Hye-won). I mean, come on, she’s got that older-sister charm and a personality that knocks his socks off.

So, here he is, facing a dilemma he never saw coming. I loved both of their characters so much. They light up the screen even though they don’t mean to! Jun’s anti-marriage stance was easily dismissed when love shook him to the core.

Paint the world pink

I’m not really into the technical stuff when it comes to reviews, but Call It Love’s unique color grading is an interesting interpretation of the main characters’ painful lives. As pink usually signifies innocence, romance, and empathy, the use of this color sets the mood of the drama. It’s like watching the drama using rose-colored glasses, fully aware that things will always get better in time. And as we slowly reach the end, the pink overlay weakens. The world becomes more vivid after Woo-joo told Dong-jin the truth.

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