Sangnamja: Top 10 Manliest and Sexiest Oppas

Sangnamja ( 상남자) – Manly man/real man

Flowerboys are charming but when these sexy beasts enter the scene, their hotness will definitely make you scream.

Here’s our Top 10 list of sangnamja oppas.

WARNING: Make sure to have a jug of water nearby, images may cause excessive thirst.

  • Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo sexy

Raise your hand if you can’t put into words how desirable this Goblin is but wishes to be the toy he’s holding. Oppa turn me into your bride!

  • Song Joong-ki

Song Joongki hot

Big Boss’ alluring charm is totally undeniable. He successfully graduated from a Sungkyunkwan flowerboy to the hottest soldier we all wished swept us off our feet.

Now, who wants to pull up oppa’s shirt? ME!!! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!

  • Lee Joon-gi

Lee Junki

This beast’s hotness is that of a classy and sultry wolf. We all witnessed how he transformed from a pretty boy to the stud that he is now.

  • Seo In-guk

Seo Inguk hot

Oppa’s lips are so desirable that everytime he opens his mouth he seems to be inviting me for a kiss.

  • Jin Goo

Jin Goo

Oppa is truly a Descendant of the Sun with his undeniable hotness and manly man charms.

  • Joon Woo-sung

Joon Woosung

One word, DILF

  • Sung Hoon

Sunghoon hot

I’m not sure if it’s the sensual eyes, the chocolate abs or the hot love handles, but Sung Hoon is definitely the new definition of sexy. His stare alone can make you go wild.

  • Jisoo

Jisoo hot

The hottest cop in town is oozing with sex appeal that even a Strong Woman can’t resist. Jisoo is surely the sangnamja representative of his generation.

Who wants to be arrested by this irresistible oppa? Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!


The Korean populace won’t call him the Sexy Bandit for no reason, right? This oh-so- hot oppa will no doubt steal your heart with his undeniable hotness, soulful voice and overwhelming stage presence.

Kang dongho baekho playing with fire

Beautiful people of the K-Dramaverse and Kpop World, I am appealing to you to support this Sexy Bandit. If you have Korean friends or relatives living in South Korea, can you please ask them to vote for him in Produce 101, pretty pleeeease? It will mean a lot if he makes it to the Top 11. Kamsahamnida!

Kang dongho baekho hot

Kang dongho baekho sexy buljana

Here’s his individual cam for their group battle performance of BTS’ Boy in Luv.

BlackPink’s Playing With Fire.

And concept performance, Open Up (열어줘 – Yeoreojweo)

Let me catch my breath first, hahaha. So, who among the sangnamja oppas made you sweat? 😉

For more awesome oppaness, catch the next Ahjumma’s Pick!


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