K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Finale


We’ve finally reached the finale!!! And it’s a happy ending!!! I’m actually expecting it because even though a lot of troubles have happened between Kwon Si-hyun (Woo Do-hwan) and Eun Tae-hee (Joy), I know in my heart that they’re meant to be together. I must say that this finale episode is such an intense one, and I actually liked how most of the loopholes are addressed. Not perfect, but acceptable.

So first off, let’s take a look at how Tae-hee managed to forgive Si-hyun despite her hurtful discovery of the love game that was started by Choi Soo-ji (Moon Ga-young). It wasn’t an easy road to forgiveness because Si-hyun’s life was even put on the line just to prove that his love for Tae-hee has unexpectedly grown pure.

Lee Ki-young (Lee Jae-kyun) almost killed Si-hyun in a violent fight after the former learned that Tae-hee reported them to the police. Goodness, my heart felt like dribbling inside my ribcage due to anxiety. Thank dramagods that Si-hyun survived, but I’d still like Ki-young to pay for what he did! And I think getting his future ruined due to the incident is a satisfying payment.

Si-hyun’s injuries put him in coma for 15 days, and Tae-hee never left his side all throughout that critical time. Tae-hee also discovered the notebook containing Si-hyun’s sketches of her as well as his heartfelt confession about the bet, but I know that even before finding and reading it, she already has forgiven Si-hyun. Though I would want them to reunite as soon as possible, I still respect Tae-hee’s decision to stay away and give each other enough time to heal. Same with Si-hyun. Though it would be very easy for him to follow Tae-hee wherever she is, he still opted not to and waited for the right time to meet her again. I love how he became so mature. So it was the sweetest when they met again after five long years because I know that both of them are now more than ready to continue their beautiful love story.


Si-hyun’s near death experience created a somewhat domino effect on the people around him. Soo-ji tried to take her own life probably because she couldn’t take the overwhelming guilt over what happened to her friends because of her stupid love game. Yes, I hate her very much that I even hoped she was the one who got beaten up by Ki-young instead of Si-hyun and Se-joo, but I don’t want her to die so I’m glad that she didn’t.

Upon seeing her daughter’s miserable state, President Myung Mi-ri (Kim Seo-hyung) finally came back to her senses and decided to let go of her greed and change for the better. She now works as a volunteer doctor, and I could feel that she’s truly happy and contented. Proof is her relaxed aura when she met Secretary Yoon. I guess she donated the Myoung Jeong Hospital to the people as her payment for resorting to bribery to get her drug clinically approved. With these positive developments on her, I officially forgive her on behalf of Tae-hee even though she had never asked for forgiveness. And if she and Secretary Yoon decide to start a relationship, I’d be really happy for them.

Se-joo mysteriously disappeared after seeing what happened to Soo-ji, and I interpreted this as some kind of sacrifice on his part. He also probably realized that sticking with his friends at that moment would be more toxic for the three of them. One thing that I’m not satisfied about this drama is the lack of development on his family issues. So, how is his mother? Is she still in coma? Does his relationship with his father improve now that he’s able to make some money with his Japanese restaurant? It could’ve been better if these questions, at least, were answered.


JK Group vice chair Kwon Seok-woo (Shin Sung-woo) had a successful surgery. Though I’m also not very fond of him, I’m still happy that he was given another chance to live so that he could make up with Si-hyun for all the times that got wasted due to the DNA lie that Si-hyun’s mom fabricated. I’m not in favor of what Si-hyun’s mom did because it gave our poor Si-hyun too much heartache, but I decided to just let it slide because what more can I do about it?

Tae-hee and her omma’s relationship is also starting to get better probably because the former now understands how hard it is for someone to control her heart after she experienced it herself. Admittedly, I never liked Tae-hee’s omma. I even named her as my most hated parent in this drama, but because she seems serious with her vow not to see Si-hyun’s dad anymore, I think I can give her a chance. Now, who sent her flowers? I think it’s also Si-hyun because it was the same flowers that Tae-hee received so I’m thinking Si-hyun has already forgiven Tae-hee’s omma.

I’d also like to think that Si-hyun has already forgiven his friends after he sent Soo-ji flowers with Se-joo’s address attached to it. Just as I wished, Soo-ji and Se-joo might really end up together, and I truly hope for their happiness should that happen. Why the sudden change in the way I treat these two? Well, I just decided to leave all the angst I have for them behind since our main OTP is already back in each other’s arms.

Yay, I’m finally done doing K-Drama Reactions for this drama! Ooops, I don’t wanna sound like I didn’t like it because I did. It’s just that I grew a bit tired of its messy conflicts and riddle-like dialogues. So yeah, annyeong for now! I need to catch some sleep! 😂

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