About Us

Hana, dul, set. Bringing K to the drama! Annyeong haseyo! We are your ahjummamshies! Jal bootakhae!

We are a group of chingu, created by our love for Gong Yoo, forged by bingsu, and tested by soju. We promise to give you all things K-Drama; to be with you in loving oppa; and to binge watch with you till we all look like a panda ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ

Saving lives through K-Dramas.


Meet the Squad!

  • Maknae Ahjumma17553811_1815254031821817_8059044712956801094_n

I’m an introverted Leo who has a faux-naif wonder with all the whys and hows in dramaland. I’m a society slave by day, fiction writer by night and a self-confessed fangirl in between.

Join me, your cutesy dongsaeng, in exploring and learning more about Korean culture through K-Dramas.

Remember if #adulting gets tough, a little bit of escapism doesn’t hurt. So, go get your daily dose of K-Drama and be in the loving arms of your favorite oppas.

  • Grumpy Ahjumma


Annyeong! This is Grumpy Ahjumma. A lot of things can tick me off, but there are two in particular that make me really angry: when I don’t get my daily dose of K-dramas, and people who are ignorant of my need for K-dramas.

Join me as I take you to a magic carpet ride and reminisce old K-dramas as your resident throwback ahjumma. Let us bring back that old feeling which made us stay in K-dramaland forever, that oppa from years back who never made us move on from second lead syndrome, or that K-drama which we never got over with. Together, we will explore your star pocket of K-drama memories. See ya! ๐ŸŒ 


  • Tipsy Ahjumma

17523601_1815254071821813_7814156290787888906_nPangya! Pangya! Pangya! Annyeong-hashimnika! I’m Tipsy Ahjumma, your Classic Sassy Girl and wide-eyed wanderer who is Uncontrollably Fond of all things K-Drama. I once lived in a Secret Garden where the Moonlight was Drawn by Clouds before Pinocchio ripped my Scarlet Heart open. Despite that, I silently hope that a Goblin will hear not wishes for a Love from the Star nor a Legend from the Deep Blue Sea; neither prayers for a Rooftop Prince nor a Flower Boy Next Door; but simply my heart’s desire for One More Happy Ending.

Catch me on Ahjumma’s Pick where I will list down everything K-Drama and all things oppa. From the most heart-wrenching lines to breath-catching kissing scenes and everything in between. Call? Call!


  • Unica Ahjumma

17553778_1815253941821826_7454998010569267383_nAnnyeong! I’m an only child who still has a curfew at home despite being already over a quarter of a century old. I’m so much into Korean dramas and movies as much as I’m so much into horror films and zombie-related things. I’m currently a full-time employee at a TV station, a full-time daughter to my senior citizen parents, and a full-time furmom to my four dogs and five cats.

I’m gonna be your official movie reviewer in the segment called K-Movie Corner so I hope you all drop by. I’m no movie expert, just an average K-Movie fan who wants to spread good vibes to everyone so expect my movie reviews to be short and sweet but full of hearteu!ย โคโคโค

Don’t forget, I’m Unica Ahjumma who believes that “One K-Movie a week keeps the heart from growing weak!”


  • Busy Ahjussi


โ€œLet me be you ahjussi in this world full of ahjummas.โ€

Annyeong! Iโ€™m Busy Ahjusshi! Yes, youโ€™re right! Weโ€™re not all ahjummas here, but just like everyone, Iโ€™m a certified K-Drama addict! Iโ€™ve been hooked to the craze back to when Jang Na-ra was the IU of her era (now that makes me feel old) and the only way to watch K-Dramas were through the local networks, meaning no streaming sites, no DVDs and VODs.

Join me as I bring you my First Impressions of [almost] all of the dramas that are set to grace our screens, and maybe we can have a chat or two about what we like about them the most, or what makes us want to scratch our heads. Annyeong!




  1. Hi there. So, I was just wondering, if there was anyway, I could join you on your journey of reviewing dramas. Though I haven’t been watching dramas for a long time (a little over a year), I have loads to rant on. So..let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so glad i found your blog! I noticed that most of the dramas that your team liked are what I liked too!! I will start to watch some dramas which i have not started.. Since your team enjoyed it.. I would too! THANKs!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I found your blog through a mutual beanie on Dramabeans, who says I have a similar writing style to one of you. I don’t know which one, because, of course, I think I’m original. Anyway, you all seem so witty and clever, that I’ll be back! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read thus far!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a delight to find your blog on Soompi forum this morning. Absolutely love it! Well done to all the ahjummas here, and yes, our ajussi too. To our ajussi, don’t worry, I’m in the same era as you LOL.

    I’ve book-marked your page, will be back often. Have a great day everyone!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I love this website so much! I’m so excited for this website, because as a Korean and a drama lover, this blends in so well! BTW, how did you make those characters?

    Liked by 1 person

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