K-Drama Reaction: The Great Seducer | Episodes 23-24


This is what I’m afraid of. Like what I’ve said in my past K-Drama Reaction, I’m sure that Kwon Si-hyun (Woo Do-hwan) would be able to accept the truth about Eun Tae-hee’s (Joy) relationship with the woman his father is seeing, and it’s Tae-hee who would have a hard time accepting the whole thing.

This mess is all thanks to Choi Soo-ji (Moon Ga-young), who revealed to Tae-hee the truth. I hate what she did not because I want the truth to be concealed, but because I find her reason absurd, just like how I find her revenge plot against Tae-hee nonsense. Soo-ji said that she revealed the truth to Tae-hee because she only wanted to protect her mom, like… “What!?!”

I think there’s really something wrong with Soo-ji’s logic. The ones she should be confronting are JK Group vice chairman Kwon Seok-woo (Shin Sung-woo) and Si-hyun’s grandma because they are the ones who treat her mother like crap and not Tae-hee. Just because Tae-hee is the daughter of the woman her soon-to-be stepdad is seeing doesn’t mean she has the right to vent out on her. It’s not Tae-hee’s fault, just like how it’s not also her fault to be the apple of the eye of Soo-ji’s annoying ex Lee Ki-young (Lee Jae-kyun). Plus, I think it’s Tae-hee who should be protected from Soo-ji’s omma because if my hunch is correct, it’s the latter who almost killed our heroine in a hit-and-run accident.

Going back to Tae-hee’s discovery of her mother’s relationship with Si-hyun’s dad. I know it’s shocking, plus her relationship with her omma is not very good to begin with, but I hope that she also realizes that it’s not her fault so she needs not to suffer because of the adults’ actions. Can’t Tae-hee be as forgiving to herself as she was to Si-hyun when she learned that his mother is the driver in her hit-and-run run accident? Tae-hee now wants to break up with Si-hyun for real. Oh, please no.


I like Lee Se-joo (Kim Min-jae) because aside from his bright personality, he also seems like the most sensible one in the trio. But the problem with him is that he tends to forget all the sense that he has in his head when it comes to Soo-ji. Before, he let and even supported Soo-ji and Si-hyun’s love game against Tae-hee. Now, he is blaming Tae-hee for Si-hyun’s supposed abandonment of their trio. Why is everyone picking on the poor Tae-hee?!? It’s so unfair!

Whatever is happening to their trio isn’t Tae-hee’s fault, for goodness’ sake! It’s because their friendship is not as strong as what it seems in the first place. Soo-ji treats them, more specifically Si-hyun, like her own toys, while Se-joo and Si-hyun were so protective of Soo-ji to the point that they’re willing to close their eyes at her wrongdoings. And now that a new character in the person of Tae-hee is getting Si-hyun’s love and affection, Soo-ji and Se-joo feel threatened.

But this does not mean that I’m Team Si-hyun all the way in this situation. He also acted out of line when he got angry with Soo-ji and Se-joo for not telling him about the relationship between his father’s woman and Tae-hee as if he didn’t keep about the prize of his bet with Soo-ji from Se-joo. *shaking my head*


I don’t know, but since knowing about how Tae-hee’s omma met and then left her dad, I haven’t felt any pity for her and her tragic love story with Si-hyun’s dad. Yeah, I know that they loved each other first, and that they are also victims here because they’re forcefully separated by Si-hyun’s grandma when they were young. I also know that they didn’t have an affair because they only reconnected after Si-hyun’s omma died, and after Tae-hee’s omma got a divorce. Even if Si-hyun’s dad is nearing blindness and seems to have a terminal illness, and even if Tae-hee’s omma had the courage to say goodbye to the love of her life once again after she learned that he’s already engaged, I can’t still find any pity for them in my heart.

P.S. Why was Si-hyun the only one who didn’t catch a cherry blossom petal? Does this mean Tae-hee, Soo-ji, and Se-joo are going to have a happy ending and he’s not? 💔

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