K-Drama Reaction: Reunited Worlds | Episodes 5-6

I know we’re bound for a love triangle in this drama between Hae-sung (Yeo Jin-goo), Jung-won (Lee Yeon-hee) and Min-joon (Ahn Jae-hyun) sooner or later but at this point, I can’t help but root for our shy chef. Hae-sung is just too little busy figuring out what happened to his family and investigating the murder blamed on him, contrary to Min-joon who seems to be just focused on Jung-won. I like how he’s acting like her knight in the shining armor minus the show off. However, I can’t deny the chemistry between our old friends especially when they’re staring at each other.

Speaking of Jung-won’s estranged mother, I don’t know how her character will play out in this web of connections amongst our characters but I’m curious why their family fell out in the first place. Did she simply cheat on her husband? And where’s Jung-won’s father by the way? I want a reconciliation between them to happen, but seeing how insincere she was in apologizing to Jung-won makes me think otherwise.

Now onto Hae-sung’s family. Hae-sung got to finally meet his other brother Young-jun (Yoon Sun-woo) who’s now a doctor, but as expected it didn’t go well. We know that from the past, Young-jun already didn’t like the idea that he’s Hae-sung’s brother as he became a prey of bullies who wanted to bait his older brother into a fight. He’s ought to take Hae-sung’s position after he died as he’s the second eldest in the family but it seemed that he was the first one to abandon his siblings. He even told Jung-won to hide the very fact that he has brothers and sisters especially from his girlfriend and perhaps that means her family. Evil guy. It wasn’t easy for Hae-sung when it comes to reconciling with Hae-chul (Kwak Dong-yeon) as well as he is firm in his belief that his life turned out terrible because of Hae-sung’s untimely death. Woah! I really feel bad for Hae-sung being blamed for the tragedy that happened to his family. What did he do wrong? He was a victim as well. His life ended not on his own volition. So even if I understand Hae-chul’s argument that they suffered because Hae-sung was framed as a murderer, they should have continued with their lives not carrying a grudge against him because they knew him better more than anyone else.

Meanwhile, we’ve got little hints about the mysteries around Hae-sung’s death and second life but they remained unanswered in these episodes. All we know is that the mysterious ahjussi (Ahn Gil-kang) has the same circumstances as Hae-sung when he said that he shouldn’t use his powers recklessly because it will endanger the likes of them. When it comes to Hae-sung’s accident, we’ve learned from Ho-bang (Lee Shi-eun) that the car that hit him belonged to his friend Tae-hoon (Kim Jin-woo)’s family and that their driver turned himself in because of the incident. But why do I get the feeling that the driver was not the real culprit? Was Tae-hoon behind the murder and the accident? I don’t have evidence to substantiate but I really have a hunch he’s involved with all these happenings.

On a lighter note, Jung-won’s hairstyle kept reminding me of Kim Sun-ah’s character in My Lovely Sam-soon. Am I the only one? LOL.

Images source: Dramabeans.com

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