K-Drama Reaction: Black | Episode 14



K-Drama genies know how happy I was when Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) finally recognized that she’s in love with Black (Song Seung-hun). It was so sweet when she told him that she loves him for who he is and not because she thought he was her first love Joon. But that’s the problem. Black isn’t the Han Moo-gang everyone around him thinks he is. He is 444, the infamous cold-hearted grim reaper who excels in collecting human souls. What will happen now once Ha-ram discovers about it? This will surely cause her another heartbreak.

Another reason why I couldn’t go on full celebratory mode is because of my last-minute second lead syndrome. I know, I know. It’s a bit too late for it, but what can I do? After seeing Oh Man-soo (Kang Dong-gun) throwing himself into danger to protect Ha-ram from the scarred mental hospital patient killer, I couldn’t help myself but grow fond of him. I also realized all the good things he did for Ha-ram and for the people dear to him. Plus, he’s a dog lover! ㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know what writer-nim will do to make Ha-ram and Black’s love affair possible, but just in case that the two will end up separated because we all know they belong to two different worlds, I’m fine with Ha-ram accepting Man-soo’s feelings in the end. I know Man-soo will take good care of her. It’s not also difficult to learn to love him, is it?

But if Black will not be able to have Ha-ram, I want him to find his missing body. If he isn’t destined to be happy with the woman he loves, then he should at least rest in eternal peace.


At last, Crazy Dog connected all the dots following the discovery of the goddamned tape, which has been in the care of Oh Man-ho and Man-soo’s abuji all this time. My theory that it was the old man who had sexual favors from minors in Mujin in exchange for an insurance deal with Woo Byung-sik, and that Man-ho was the mastermind who ordered the scarred mental hospital patient killer to look for the tape are almost confirmed. The police only now need Man-ho’s confession that he owns the wristwatch with butterfly design to confirm all of this. If he admits it, then we could also confirm that it was him who killed his own father basing on Ha-ram’s vision that the culprit was wearing the same wristwatch with a butterfly design. What a monster.

This major development on this case is all thanks to Crazy Dog who never gave up to uncover the truth. But I’m worried that he might be in danger because of this. Jebal, writer-nim! Don’t kill his character because he deserves to see the end to this case that he has been working on so tirelessly!

Now, the only thing about this whole thing that puzzles me is Leo’s connection to Man-ho. Each and every victim killed by the scarred mental hospital patient killer had connections to him except for Leo unless there’s a secret that hasn’t been revealed to establish the reason why he became a target. Could Leo be Man-ho’s illegitimate son? What do you think?

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