First Impression: Was It Love?

A series about a second chance at love… but with whom is the question.

Drama Profile

Title: Was It Love (English title) / We, Were in Love (literal title) /우리, 사랑했을까
Main Cast: Song Ji-hyo, Son Ho-jun, Song Jong-ho, Koo Ja-sung, Kim Min-jun, Kim Da-som
Writer: Lee Seung-jin
PD: Kim Do-Hyung (previous series: 18 Again, 13 Years Promise
Timeslot: Wednesday and Thursday / 21:30
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance drama

Plot Synopsis:

Single mother Noh Ae-jung gets entangled with four different men – novelist Oh Dae-oh, actor Ryu Jin, PE teacher Oh Yeon-woo, and loan shark Koo Pa-do – as she tries her best to achieve her longtime dream of producing her first-ever film.

Major trope: Second Chance Romance

Maknae’s Impression:

Song Ji-hyo is back with another lighthearted romance drama. This time she plays the role of No Ae-jung, who finally has the chance to produce her own film – a dream she had to defer after suddenly becoming a young mom. The series started by presenting our heroine’s background story; giving enough details to root for her and leaving some details behind for some effect of mystery. I must say though that the billing for the drama isn’t helping with the intrigue they are trying to build. The billing kind of made it obvious that this is a Song Ji-hyo and Son Ho-jun pairing. I could still be wrong though but I’m already placing my bet on him.

The other male leads are worth betting on too but Son Ho-jun’s character, Oh Dae-oh, is obviously ahead of the race especially because of his past relationship with Ae-jung. He could definitely be No Ha-nee’s (Um Chae-Young) father but with episode two’s ending scene, I guess we’ll deal with the guess-the-father game for the most part of this series.

Ryu Jin (Song Jong-ho) could be very well the second lead on this drama; given how he reacted on the jerkish act of Oh Dae-oh during his book concert. He also probably has past feelings for Ae-jung but stepped back because of his friendship with Dae-oh. This is, of course, just a speculation since as I’ve said the character intros only gave glimpses of their past

Another man from Ae-jung’s past who made a comeback after 14 years is the flower boy of the bunch, Oh Yeon-woo (Koo Ja-sung). His “meet-cute” with Ae-jung in the past was the most adorable among them. I really wanted to root for him especially because of the way he treats Ha-nee but I firmly believe he wouldn’t get the girl in the end. I never even once suspected him as Ha-nee’s father so the book/scrapbook at the end of episode 2 is probably just a ploy to make us confuse.

was it love kim minjun

Koo Pa-do (Kim Min-jun), unlike the other men in this series, is a new person for Ae-jung. The show definitely wanted him to have a tough guy image but with the revelation of his relationship with his son, I’m guessing we will soon see his softer side. And I’m totally in for it. I found it surprising that I enjoyed his scenes during the first two episodes. If I’ll ever choose to root for him and Ae-jung, it would probably because of his adorable son and his budding friendship with Ha-nee.

Now, where should I start with Son Ho-jun? He’s partly the reason why I eyed this drama’s premiere. I think he’s made for this type of character – overbearing and obnoxious on the outside but is actually caring and sensitive. Okay, we haven’t seen the caring part yet but I think we’ll see it soon. One thing that I enjoyed the most with this series’ pilot week episodes is Ho-jun and Ji-hyo’s dynamic. They complimented each other really well and I’m looking forward to more of their banters.

Overall, Was It Love? is off to a good start. It effectively introduced itself as a series that will offer us entertaining and funny adult banters with some touching stories in between. The story might seem like a rehash from other similar dramas but the characters are its strongest aspect. I felt instantly attached to them and their stories. Hopefully, everyone will get their own kind of happy endings.


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