Life on Mars remake offered to Park Sung-woong, Go Ah-sung

Park Sung-woong (Man to Man) and Go Ah-sung (Radiant Office) recently received offers to star in the upcoming OCN remake of BBC’s police procedural series Life on Mars. 

Life on Mars was a 2006 British crime drama about a police officer who wakes up as detective in the 1970s after being involved in a road accident. He would then solve crimes in the past and return to his present home. Unlike in the original version, the Korean adaptation will focus more on a single murder case.

Jung Kyung-ho (Wise Prison Life) was recently confirmed to topbill the remake as the Sam Tyler in the original series.

Park Sung-woong has been offered the role of Kang Dong-cheol, the section chief who will become Jung Kyung-ho’s supervisor in the ’70s.

Character actor Oh Dae-hwan (Return) is also reviewing a supporting role offer.

PD Lee Jung-hyo (The Good Wife) will take on the directing duties, and OCN is considering the drama to premiere in June.

<< Jung Kyung-ho cast in OCN’s remake of Life on Mars

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