First Impressions: Laughter in Waikiki, Misty

Cable channel jtbc has been producing a lot of good contents (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, Age of Youth franchise) lately and these two new offerings are no exemption. Laughter in Waikiki and Misty are maybe from too exactly opposite genre but they’re similarly well-written and entertaining.

Laughter in Waikiki
Network: jtbc
Genre: Comedy
No. of Episodes: 16 (60 Minutes per episode)

Amidst the current landscape of dramaland where our screens are dominated by legal thrillers, revenge series, melodrama and fantasy romance, Laughter in Waikiki is as such a sweet (and wacky) escape. The drama revolves around three unlucky guy friends who run a hostel to raise money so that they can create their own movie. This sound easy on paper, but when what you’ve got a hostel that is not attracting customers and a surprise guest (a clumsy mother and her super cute baby), the result is a series of silly and funny unfortunate events. I’ve never laughed so much from watching a drama in a long time, but this one managed to make me laugh out loud at almost every scene. The characters are all funny in their own rights and their interactions are even funnier. I appreciate and love how the entire cast are putting their image on the line by acting in the most embarrassing scenarios I’ve seen in years.

Verdict: There is indeed LAUGHTER in Waikiki! As much as I wanted to rave about how good this drama is, I think Grumpy Ahjumma would be your perfect couch potato buddy to talk about this comedy as she delivers her episodic reaction here in Ahjummamshies.

Network: jtbc
Genre: Legal, Thriller, Melodrama
No. of Episodes: 16 (60 Minutes per episode)

Misty is actress Kim Nam-joo’s first drama in six years. She’s known as a hitmaker but whose credits are largely romance and comedy so jumping on board this new show is a complete 360-degree turn for her. Misty is about veteran journalist Go Hye-ran who suddenly finds herself a murder suspect. In just two episodes, Kim Nam-joo has already proven that she can play the cold and ambitious anchorwoman who will do anything to keep her stature in the broadcasting scene. She’s not essentially a good character but being surrounded by other people whose equally power greedy as her, you can’t help but root for her. On the other hand, her husband played by forever oppa Ji Jin-hee plays a prosecutor who turned into a public lawyer for the reason yet unknown. All I know is that as the story progresses, he will become his estranged wife’s defender and on the process, they’ll rediscover love again. The pilot episodes introduced us to the dark secret Hye-ran hides which is the same very reason she’s become the primary suspect in a high profile murder case. The drama touches on a lot of mature topics like infidelity earning a 19+ rating in Korea. It has explored the issue of ageism in the workplace as well. The story itself is excellent but with its stylish cinematography and grey characters, the drama has become so much better.

Verdict: Misty is a drama reminiscent of a US series in terms of subject and execution. It’s riveting and it will hook you right away with its story.

My final ranking:

Misty and Laughter in Waikiki tie on first place!

What are you watching fellas?

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