Lee Young-ae, Kim Hae-sook, Kim Hye-jun, Kwak Sun-young lead in new female-centric drama

Lee Young-ae (Saimdang, Light’s Diary), Kim Hye-jun (Chip-in), Kwak Sun-young (Hospital Playlist), and Kim Hae-sook (Start-up) are all set to lead the new JTBC comedy action thriller “A Wonderful Sight” (working title).

Lee Young-ae will play as Koo Kyung-yi, a police officer-turned-insurance investigator/private detective. She is currently solving a serial murder case, with a female university student as the prime suspect. Kim Hye-jun will portray the character “K” and Song Yi-kyung.

The drama will be directed by Lee Jung-heum (Nobody Knows, Falsify) while the script will be written by rookie screenwriter Sung Choi.

A Wonderful Sight will have 10 episodes and will air on JTBC every Friday and Saturday. It is scheduled to premiere in October of this year.

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