In Spotlight: Park Jin-young Filmography

It was Park Jin-young’s childhood dream to become a celebrity. As if written in the stars, Jin-young debuted in one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea. He might have first been known as the other “J” in the JJ Project and Got7’s visual but Jin-young is now making his mark as an actor.

With looks and acting skills to boot, he was often cast as the younger version of popular and established actors like Joo Jin-mo, Lee Min-ho, and Yoo Ji-tae. He made the flashback scenes of those dramas more interesting to watch. Now he’s not just staying in the past. He is taking more roles in the present and even in the dystopic future.

This idol-turned-actor enjoyed a good past, enjoys a better present, and will surely enjoy a brighter future. Let’s get to know Park Jin-young!

Dream High Season 2 (KBS2 / 2012) – Jung Ui-bong

Park Jin-young first ventured into acting as Jung Ui-bong, one of Kirin High School students in Dream High 2!

When a Man Loves (MBC / 2013) – Ddol-yi

Remember the Song Seung-heon x Shin Se-kyung melodrama When A Man Loves? Park Jin-young appeared in that 2013 series!

This is My Love (JTBC / 2015) – Park Hyun-soo (young)

He then played the younger version of Joo Jin-mo in the 2015 JTBC melodrama, This is My Love.

The Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS / 2016-2017) – Kim Dam-ryeong / Heo Joon-jae (young)

Park Jin-young appeared in the Park Ji-eun penned drama Legend of the Blue Sea as the younger counterpart of Lee Min-ho. He shined as the teenage Kim Dam-ryeong in the Joseon era and as teenage Heo Joon-jae in the present day.

A Stray Goat (2017) – Min-Sik

Back in 2016, Jin-young bagged the male lead role for the indie move A Stray Goat. The film premiered at the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival.

School of Magic (Naver TV-JTBC / 2017) – Lee Na-ra

Together with Nichkun, Yoon Park, and Park Gyu-young, Jinyoung starred in the youth web drama School of Magic. Here he played the role of motae solo university student Lee Na-ra.

He is Psychometric (tvN / 2019) – Lee Ahn

In 2018, Jin-young finally grabbed his first lead role in the fantasy series He Is Psychometric. Starring opposite Shin Ye-eun. Jin-young played the role of Lee Ahn, who can identify a person or object’s past by touching it.

Melting Me Softly (tvN / 2019) – Jang Ho-shin (cameo)

As support to This is My Love writer Baek Mi-kyung, Jin-young made a cameo appearance in the 2019 fantasy rom-com Melting Me Softly, which stars Won Jin-ah and Ji Chang-wook.

When My Love Blooms (tvN / 2020) – Han Jae-Hyun (young)

Jin-young played the younger version of Yoo Ji-tae in meloromance When My Love Blooms. He said during the finale that the drama helped his life bloom as a rookie actor and he felt honored working with the cast including Lee Bo-young and Jeon So-nee.

The Devil Judge (tvN / 2021) – Kim Ga-On / Kang Isaac

Park Jin-young has wowed the viewers in his portrayal as Kim Ga-on in The Devil Judge.

Yumi’s Cells (tvN / 2021) – Ba-Bi

He will star in the upcoming TV adaptation of webtoon Yumi’s Cells. He will star alongside his fellow BH Entertainment artist Kim Go-eun.

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