K-Drama Reaction: Radiant Office | Finale

We finally hit the end of the road for our humble office drama. It had its bumps, and was certainly a rough ride, but all is well that ends well. Though I am a bit disappointed with how the finale was presented, I appreciate the effort of ending the series on a happy note, albeit the forced and poor execution.

radiant finale (3)

Eun Ho-won (Go Ah-sung) and Seo Woo-jin’s (Ha Suk-jin) relationship was just about to begin, but I think we know by now that this drama is not a romance-filled service. Yes, they had their sweet moments, but that was it. All we got for 16 hours of locking in on the series was holding hands and a smack (which was badly angled by the way). I guess if you came into this dramaverse with high expectations on Suk-jin romancing Ah-sung, you will feel shorthanded. Sorry to say, but it is not a love story.

radiant finale (2)radiant finale (1)

Hoya also stood out for me in this series. Going into this show, I never expected him to be good enough in acting. He was able to breathe life to the timid and sheltered Jang Kang-ho. His punch lines are also on point. Kang-ho’s cutesy crush on Sung-kyung definitely gave me some warm tickles.

radiant finale (5)radiant finale (6)

The only person whom I think deserved her happy ending in this show was Sung-kyung. It’s high time that she got the promotion she deserved. She would not even be general manager if not for Woo-jin’s resignation. Her hard work did pay off in the end.

radiant finale (4)

Out of the many loopholes in this drama, there is one in particular that I want to tackle about. How come the show runners never showed us Seo Hyun’s (Kim Dong-wook) hyung? I am still confused why did the writer even bothered to give the two male leads the same surname if there is no particular meaning. Is there a shortage of surnames in K-dramaland? I thought Woo-jin and Hyun were related up until the last scene. You know it’s bad writing when your audience feel disconnected with your story up until the ending, right?

radiant finale (8)radiant finale (9)

And lastly, kudos to Lee Dong-hwi for portraying the very challenging life of Do Ki-taek. He was my favorite until the end. I want him to have the best in life. Good thing he decided to get corresponding treatment and apologize to Ji-na for hiding her the truth. His case may be open ended, but I am pretty optimistic that he survived the surgery and lived well and full of passionate love.

I think our takeaway from this series, despite the lapses, would be the lesson of hope. We started off in the story by having three misfits trying to end their respective lives due to different circumstances. But eventually, they learned the process of accepting fate as it is, and become worthy and respected as individuals.

radiant finale (14)radiant finale (15)

The most important realization about this show is that never give up on yourself. As Woo-jin would tell the EunJangDo trio, learn your worth. Do not depend on other people to feel self-validation. The only one who can determine your future is yourself. Learn how to be happy and appreciate the little things in life. Always remember that as long as you are happy today, all your days will be happy as well.

radiant finale (7)

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this drama in its entirety. I can forgive its plot holes and its lackluster romantic scenes with the main couple. It is a good first impression drama for both Ha Suk-jin and Go Ah-sung for my personal list, and I will definitely look forward to their next projects respectively. 안녕히 계세요 Annyeonghi gyeseyo, Ahjummamshies! I am Grumpy Ahjumma, now signing off!

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  1. Annyeonghaseyo Ahjumma,
    I am from South India. I love K Dramas. My friends and relatives too. I got introduced to this through my cousin three years ago. I must say I am still not over with it. I have watched more than 25 to 30 dramas so far and I loved each and everyone. Every drama makes me feel about the love, kindness, family and friends. Thank you for following, because of that, Now I could explore your site.
    Saranghaeyo & Geon-ganghashibshiyo.

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