K-Drama Reaction: Man to Man | Episode 4

The action at Chairman Victor’s party has unfolded but it wasn’t really the one that took the spotlight in this episode, but rather the relationship between our leads which is getting more and more complicated as the story progresses.


First Mission Accomplished

Well, I have to say I had to suspend a lot of disbelief when it comes to the covert action Kim Seol-woo (Park Hae-jin) carried out to obtain the first wooden carving. The Electromagnetic Pulse thing (courtesy of Petrov), the eye contacts which helped him see through the dark and that tiny square on his neck he used as a communication tool were too extraordinary for me, it was kinda hard to take in. Do they really exist? After all, it’s still TV.

Despite that, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was watching him knocked Victor’s men down without igniting a commotion that may disturb the party happening on the other side of the hall. Actually, more than the mission getting botched, I was really more afraid of him being discovered by Cha Do-ha (Kim Min-jung) which fortunately didn’t happen.


Ending is more important than the start

After the mission was completed, the problem for Seol-woo now was how to end his disguise as Woon-kwang (Park Sung-woong)’s security guard because just like what Lee Dong-hyun (Jung Man-shik) told him, he could not end it with a car explosion (see Ep 1) or else he’ll be all over the news in Korea. After giving it some thought, Seol-woo came up with a very simple plan – annoy Woon-kwang and Do-ha and get fired eventually.

So Seol-woo put his act on and behaved pissed off in front of Woon-kwang and Do-ha trying to get on their nerves, but to his dismay, things didn’t go the way he wanted. Woon-kwang just shrugged it off as a gentleman’s mood swing while Do-ha deemed it as jealousy. Yes, you read it right!

Do-ha is now assuming Seol-woo likes her, thanks to her supportive friend, Park Song-yi (Kim Bo-mi) who’s way ahead of her when it comes to interpreting Seol-woo’s gestures. Do-ha seems to be very naive when it comes to love maybe because no one has pursued her yet. Well, I can’t also blame her if she’s seen it that way because who wouldn’t think the same if a man holds you close to him and told you he couldn’t get you off his mind. Sadly, with Seol-woo’s case, we all know those were just part of a tactic to avoid getting busted. However, we can’t also deny that Seol-woo’s feelings are not a bit shaken especially when we saw him getting distracted by Do-ha’s pictures.

After realizing his scheme’s not working, Seol-woo decided to take the I-am-sick-I-cannot-work-anymore route. He did convince Woon-kwang to let him go but not Do-ha as our poor heroine assumes that it’s because of his one-sided love for her. So when she tried to convince him to stay, Seol-woo dropped the bomb.

Seol-woo bluntly told Do-ha that he didn’t like her and she did in fact annoyed him of her attitude. He said he tried to play along with her assumption not to make things difficult for her but she’s so insistent and just ignored what he said. Do-ha was astounded by what he uttered and tried to hold her tears back. Poor Do-ha. I do feel sorry for her but what can we do, it’s part of Seol-woo’s job.


But just as Seol-woo thought that he already succeeded, he received a call from Dong-hyun telling him to retract his resignation because the second wood carving was actually in Do-ha’s hand. Left with no choice, Seol-woo headed back to Do-ha, pulled her towards him and kissed her.

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