K-Drama Reaction: Temperature of Love | Episodes 13-14

So casually cruel in the name of being honest…”

~ All Too Well, Taylor Swift

While watching On Jung-sun and Ji Hong-ah’s confrontation, this line suddenly popped in my head. Let’s take a peek at Temperature of Love Episodes 13-14 on how casually cruel Jung-sun got for the sake of being honest.

Brutally Honest

Hong-ah headed to Lee Hyun-soo’s house after Jung-sun cancelled their plans. To her dismal, it was the Hot Chef who answered the door for her. Hyun-soo asked her to join them in eating the food Jung-sun lovingly prepared.

As expected of her, Hong-ah wore her emotions on her sleeve and did not exert even the slightest effort to hide her irritation. While the two were cutely bickering in front of the table, Hong-ah rudely announced that she will just leave.

But of course she won’t exit the scene without making Hyun-soo feel bad. She tells her that their experiencing feelings that are incompatible with their current situations, with her being mad after winning a contest and with Hyun-soo being cheerful despite of her work dilemma.

When Jung-sun went home, he found Hong-ah waiting outside Good Soup. She didn’t waste a minute and went on full confrontational. She berated him for cancelling their appointment for Hyun-soo.

This is where the Hot Chef gave Hong-ah the reality slap that she needs. He sincerely explained to her that everyone has priorities in life and Hyun-soo is a higher priority to him.

Hong-ah then angirly responded by asking why she is less important than Hyun-soo and Jung-sun wholeheartedly answered her that “everyone is less important than Hyun-soo.”

He further explained that Hong-ah knows what he feels and that he did not do anything for her to misunderstand their relationship.

Jung-sun continued his brutally honest remarks to Hong-ah by saying, “I’m not responsible for your feelings. You have to take care of your own emotions.”

The Hot Chef even told her that they can be good friends as long as they don’t cross any lines. Ouch!

It really bothered me how I didn’t feel sorry for Hong-ah even though she’s tearing up bad and crying her out. I got  a bit weirded out why I didn’t feel a tug in my heart when she said, “You said you feel sorry. This is all your pity can do?” The line is daebak and should somehow make you sympathize with her.

I guess it’s all because I can’t seem to find a justifiable reason for her rage. But, hey, who am I to question her pain? I want to give props to Jo Bo-a for being annoyingly wonderful with her portrayal of Hong-ah!

Kind Soul

This might not be an important scene to some but it really pulled my emotional strings. It gave me that type of feeling you get when you try to suppress your cry and act tough even though your dying inside. Not because you are strong but because you have no choice but to be strong.

Since the beginning of the drama, we have been able to witness how good of a person Won-Joon (Sim Hee-seop) is, and he proved yet again in this episode that he’s a kind soul.

Won-joon, in a teasing manner, tells Jung-sun that he should have been more considerate of Hong-ah’s feelings. The Hot Chef replied by asking his friend how he was able to say that when he likes Hong-ah. Won-joon’s response will break your heart, with a sad face he said, “I don’t like her. I love her. I’m waiting. Honestly, sometimes I want you to be cruel to her but I feel so bad for her.” Come on Won-joon, let this noona hug you instead.

Tipsy Findings

Here are some photos of the locations used for Temperature of Love.

Good Soup Restaurant

(Songwon Art Center – 75 Yunposun-gil, Hwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul)

Temperature of Love Good Soup Restaurant location

Lee Hyun-soo’s house

Good Soup Does Not Answer the Phone (Chakhan Seupeuneun Jeonhwareul Bakji Anneunda) book

Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone Book Good Soup Novel

❤ I’m more than excited to know how the story unfolds after Jung-woo asked Jung-sun to help him propose at Good Soup. See you in the next episode.

Spreading the L.O.ㅅ.E. Virus

To the LOVEliest fans of Temperature of Love, can I ask for a little favor? My favorite group just came back with their new song after appearing on Produce 101. It would be a great help if you’d watch their music video, pretty please? Their title track is called Where You At. Do watch their MV below, you will not be disappointed. Komawo! ❤



~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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