K-Lookbook: Song Joong-ki (Descendants of the Sun)

When Song Joong-ki announced his relationship to his Descendant of the Sun co-star, Song Hye-kyo, his fangirls either had their heart broken into pieces or rejoice because their OTP in the series came true in real life.

If you’re on Team Real, here’s a fashion tribute to the Oppa who will be out-of-the-market soon. Let’s all ogle at Song Joong-ki for one last time ㅋㅋ.

Joong-ki has previously been featured in K-Lookbook’s summer special. His white chino outfit is a must-have to stay stylish despite the sweltering heat.

They say we can’t resist men in uniform. Song Joong-ki’s wide shoulder became more evident in his soldier’s uniform. It was not surprising at all this made a lot of his fangirls drool.

Joong-ki’s go-to offduty outfit is button down shirts. I wonder if this adorable and dapper look is what made Hye-kyo fall for him in the series and in real life.

Jin Goo may not be Joong-ki’s best man in his wedding but their bromance in DOTS was one reason why a lot of K-drama fans love this series. Their characters understood each other like blood-related siblings. Their chemistry also transcends to the way they dress. Both of them look so gorgeous either in casual clothes or in black suits.

He may soon leave his bachelor life behind but Song Joong-ki will always be the original flower boy oppa that made us cry, break our hearts, and make us fall in love over and over again with every role he was in. The whole Ahjummamshies squad and rest of the K-dramaland fandom wished him a lifetime of happiness and love.

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