Kim Dong-jun replaces Lee Seo-won in About Time

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you must have known that actor Lee Seo-won (Hospital Ship) was dropped from upcoming fantasy drama About Time following allegations of sexual harassment and threatening with a weapon to a fellow celebrity (quite an ugly news!).

Now reports have confirmed that Kim Dong-jun (Black) will replace Lee Seo-won in his role as Jo Jae-yoo, a musical director. He is known as ‘the Mozart of musicals’ because of his natural instincts and genius abilities.

Maybe, it’s “about time” for Kim Dong-jun to get a better spotlight after all these years. Like what people say, one person’s loss is another person’s gain.

About Time is gearing for a broadcast later this May on tvN.

<< Lee Seo-won fired from About Time and Music Bank due to sexual assault charges

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