K-Drama Reaction: Secret Mother | Episodes 3-4

I… I killed her. I killed her. I killed her.

– Kim Yoon-jin

I am quite surprised at how quickly things in this drama are starting to unravel. The web of connections between the characters has gone clearer, and surely, in no time, we’ll be able to point out who the bad guys are.

Lisa Kim’s motive

The record is now set straight: Lisa Kim (Kim So-yeon)’s real intent in approaching Kim Yoon-jin (Song Yoon-ah) is to find out what happened to her missing sister. She suspects the psychiatrist of having played a major part in her sister’s disappearance because she was the clinician she met before she vanished. But the question is: Is she after the right target? Or maybe this will lead to them forging an alliance to uncover the truth to what had really happened to their loved ones. The two working together just excites me!

However, I’d like to pay attention to Lisa Kim’s seemingly inconsistent character. Sometimes, she would be that tough-looking vixen who wouldn’t be easily shaken by anyone or anything, then the next time, she would appear just like a pretty gullible lady. I’m curious to find out which one is her true self.

Song Ji-ae’s dark past

We’ve got our first major revelation: the insecure Song Ji-ae (Oh Yeon-ah) harbors a secret past and that is she used to work as a club hostess. But that’s not the problem. It’s the fact that she used to work with Lisa Kim’s younger sister so one fated encounter with the tutor might spell trouble for her.

I’m not sure if the mere thought that she will be outed that’s driving her to get rid of Lisa Kim or does she has something to do with her sister’s disappearance.

But what’s more shocking to me was the revelation that Mr. Min is not just an ordinary swimming instructor but Ji-ae’s colleague in the club she was working. He’s indebted to her for giving a ‘new life’ which means she can make use of him in her schemes.

Kang Hye-young’s temptation

I was initially excited about Kang Hye-young (Seo Young-hee)’s prospect of a second shot at romance in the person of Instructor Min, but after finding out that he’s connected to Ji-ae and that he’s keen on having a deeper relationship with our ‘naive’ ahjumma, my interest was quickly replaced with fear. There’s a disturbing feeling I sensed from him and I felt like he’s after her for the wrong reasons.


Don’t tell me he’s interested in her? Could it be that the rumor of an affair between the two mentioned in the first episode true?

Yoon-jin’s panic reactions are getting more and more concerning that it came to the point that she has put herself in a very risky situation. I’m wondering if any her family is aware of her condition because she should have already gotten a psychological intervention.

Isn’t Lisa Kim real name is Kim Eun-young? Then why are they’re referring to Yoon-jin’s former patient, which could be Lisa’s sister, with the same name? Did she pretend to be her? Wow, this is confusing.

We’ve got new additional characters in the story. Yoon-jin’s mother-in-law (Cha Hwa-yeon) who wants her to return to her position at the hospital.

And the tactless Se-yeon (Song Seung-woo), her acquaintance who I’m sensing could bring some problems in the future.

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