K-Drama Reaction: Secret Mother | Episodes 7-8

“Just because you can’t cry doesn’t mean he can’t.”

– Lisa Kim

Everyone has a secret he or she doesn’t want revealed. And when faced with the risk of being exposed, some would go an unimaginable length to just to keep it hidden.

Giving up

We can’t blame Kim Yoon-jin (Song Yoon-ah) if the news of Kim Eun-young’s return to Korea rattled her and caused her to desperately search for the person she deemed the culprit in her daughter’s tragedy. The despair turned her world upside and down at the expense of Min-joon, and thanks to Lisa Kim (Kim So-yeon) she realized it before it’s too late.

And though I don’t want her to ultimately give up on her search, I believe she needs to be emotionally and psychologically stable first in order to properly do it.

The missing sister

Now I understand why Lisa is as desperate as Yoon-jin in finding her sister. It turned out she’s her only family after thei parents died, and she sacrificed a great deal to give Lisa a good life. What could have really happened to her? Is she really alive?

Everyone is a suspect

Myung Hwa-sook (Kim Jae-hwa) and her husband’s foolish mistake to reveal to Lisa that they divorced so that they could exploit the system to get their child to a prestigious school makes our ill-tempered ahjumma join the suspect list. Hers could be the least compelling motive to kill, but Hwa-sook proved to have the tendency to go violent.

I have a feeling that Lisa’s death was just a show she and Yoon-jin created to reveal the person responsible for all the crimes that happened to their loved ones. Or am I just being blinded by my desire to get the two form an allegiance?


I knew this woman’s a snake and it seemed like she’s finally found her prey.

Look who has got a mistress

And I’m wondering, who could be Lisa’s accomplice? Is he/she among the people we’ve already known or is he/she a completely different character?

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