K-Lookbook: How to style your bangs like a Korean drama female lead

We sometimes want to feel like we are Korean drama female lead. We imitate the way they eat a meal, the way they dress, or the way they look. One hairstyle that is seemingly common in K-dramaland is a good pretty bangs. No matter the length and the style is, adding bangs can change the whole look in an instant. It could make you look edgy or sweet depending on the style you prefer. I collated a few hairstyles with a bang as seen in K-drama.

Style your bangs like a true-blue K-drama lead

Curled – the most common and easily maintained style which can perfectly frame your beautiful face. Koreans, celebrities or not, use hair rollers to maintain volume on their bangs.

Wispy – the most tricky style for me personally. It has the edginess of blunt bangs but still has the innocent feel of curled bangs. According to some style blogs I’ve read, this softer version of blunt bangs is styled using a hair straightener. Divide it into three different section, curl it inward, and ta-dah you have your see-through bangs ala Han Hyo-joo.

Choppy – the riskiest style that requires some courage and self-confidence to show-off. It is cut straight and in a very short length, giving you that eye-catching look.

Blunt – the most striking among the style. It is best for those with a thick mane. It instantly gives your face that strong pronounced look.

Whatever style you like the most, each requires some serious dedication to maintain your look ala Koreans girls. There is no denying that their everyday hard work pays off every time they strut the street and garner attention. So if you’re tired and bored with your current hairstyle, you can choose one of these styles that will surely make you feel like you’re a Korean drama female lead!

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