In Spotlight: Park Bo-young Filmography

They say big things come in small packages, and it’s indeed true for our very lovable actress, Park Bo-young. She has already been in ups and downs with her career. She got involved in a dispute with her management which stalled her career for four years. But despite all the setbacks, Park Bo-young has managed to stay on top of her game. So she may be cute and small but Park Bo-young is indeed a Strong Woman.

Park Bo-young made her screen debut in 2006 via Secret Campus together with today’s top actor Lee Min-ho. She played Cha Ah-rang, a student who might not be the brightest but is well-liked.

pby 1

In 2007, she starred again with her Secret Campus co-star Lee Min-ho in another campus drama called Mackerel Run.

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In the same year, she played the younger counterpart of Gu Hye-sun as So-hwa in the SBS historical drama, The King and I.

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Park Bo-young returned to another campus drama in 2008 called Jungle Fish. But it’s no simple school series because it’s a Peabody Award recipient and is based on a true story.

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She kept playing a student in 2008 but this time in a movie called Our School E.T headlined by Kim Soo-ro.

pby 5

She immediately followed Our School E.T with another movie called The ESP Couple where she played the leading lady of actor Jin Gu (of Descendants of the Sun fame!). She attaches herself to him after seeing him display his hidden powers.

pby 6

2008 must be one of the busiest years for Park Bo-young because she starred again in another movie in the said year called Speedy Scandal. The movie is considered to be the one that launched Park Bo-young to mainstream stardom. She plays opposite to funny guy Cha Tae-hyun as a spunky teenage mother.

pby 7

And if three movies weren’t enough to tire her out, Park Bo-young did an appearance in the human rights-themed omnibus movie, If You Were Me 4 segment called Play.

pby 8

But Park Bo-young’s career has suffered a blow after an issue with her management arose, stalling her rise to popularity for four years! In 2012, Park Bo-young made an official comeback via Don’t Click which is also her very first venture into the horror genre.

pby 9

In the same year, Park Bo-young scored another blockbuster with her melo-romance movie, A Werewolf Boy opposite Song Joong-ki. She played Soon-yi who because of her delicate health decided to live in a remote village with her mother and brother.

pby 10

In 2014, Park Bo-young made a complete turnaround by playing the potty-mouthed leader of a school gang, Young Sook in the movie, Hot Young Bloods. She plays opposite Lee Jong-suk in the said movie. Quite a lineup of hot male leads there, Bo-youngie!

pby 11

In 2015, Park Bo-young returned to the horror genre playing a student living in a mysterious girls’ boarding school during the Japanese occupation in the movie The Silenced.

pby 12

Finally in 2015, Park Bo-young made her much-awaited drama comeback via horror-romance-comedy, Oh My Ghostess where she plays a dual role. She plays the timid aspiring chef Na Bong-soon and a Na Bong-soon possessed by a sexually forward ghost played by Kim Seul-gi. The chemistry between Park Bo-young and Jo Jung-suk is definitely something you really need to see!

pby 13

In 2015 again, Park Bo-young starred in an independent film called Collective Invention where she played the selfish girlfriend of a man who because of an experiment turned into a fish! Do you know who is the fish-man? It’s no other than our favorite comic guy, Lee Kwang-soo!

pby 14

Park Bo-young must be a tireless woman because she followed Collective Invention immediately with another film called You Call It Passion where she played an entertainment news cub reporter.

pby 15

Park Bo-young shyed away from the limelight in 2016 only to surprise us with a mega-hit rom-com, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon. She played the titular role and as what the title suggests, she’s incredibily strong, I mean supernaturally strong! But what makes this drama a must-see is her overflowing chemistry with equally cute male lead, Park Hyung-sik. Strong Woman Do Bong-soon has also delivered the record highest rating for the network, JTBC as of this writing (2017).

pby 16

On Your Wedding Day (2018)- Seung-hee

pby 17

Abyss (tvN/2019) – Ko Se-yeon

pby 18

Doom At Your Service (tvN/2021) – Tak Dong-kyung

*This list was originally posted on our Facebook page in 2017. Minor revisions were made to update the actress’ filmography.

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