K-Lookbook: IU / Lee Ji-eun (Hotel Del Luna)

If you thought you have met the most fashionable of all K-drama female characters, then you thought wrong.

Jang Man-weol (IU / Lee Ji-eun) came into the K-dramaverse and totally toppled my list upside down. She came high and mighty with her wardrobe fully geared with runway-worthy outfits. Without further ado, I bring you every outfit Jang Man-weol wore in Hotel Del Luna.

Maknae’s Faves

Let’s start out with my top three. The first one is the look she had during her first kiss with Ku Chan-seong (Yoo Jin-goo). From the accessories to the crown braid and the long peach dress, I would choose this one as my favorite (only if I have to because everything she wore in this drama is gorgeous!).

jmw 6

The second is the most unforgettable for me because it’s definitely a Breakfast-at-Tiffany’s-inspired look and I’m really a sucker for old movies! So this one is a biased pick.

jmw 15jmw 15_1

My third favorite outfit though came as a surprise as I wouldn’t normally pick a denim-on-denim look. But IU really pulled off this one.

jmw 25jmw 25_1jmw 25_2

The Blacks

They say a woman should have at least one black dress but with we all know Jang Man-weol wouldn’t be satisfied with just one.

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The Reds

There’s no other color to represent a strong and passionate woman other than the bloody color ‘red.’ The color really showcased Man-weol’s strong persona and a heart that can love fervently.

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The Prints

Jang Man-weol’s tiger print suit gift to Chan-seong might be questionable but no one would dare question her for wearing this prints.

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The Romantics

Romantic Vintage is Jang Man-weol’s signature style. Just look at all these laces, ribbons, ruffles, brooches, and floral prints!

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The Instagrammable

Everything Jang Man-weol wore in Hotel Del Luna is truly Instagram-mable but these pieces are the standouts. No doubt, IU couldn’t resist posting them on her separate IG account for her character.

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The Fascinators

From champagne and caviar to sports cars and diamonds, Jang Man-weol loves everything fancy. Even her hats could give the Brits a run for their money.

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The Portraits

These are the first bonus photos for this feature article. tvN uploaded IU’s photos that were used inside her office as portraits from the past Hotel Del Luna locations.

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Bonus: Nail Art and Braids

Other praise-worthy things about Jang Man-weol’s looks are her always changing nail arts and braided hairstyles.


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