Jung Woo-sung, Shin Hyun-Been confirmed to star in remake of a Japanese drama

Jung Woo-sung will be returning to the small screen after ten years through the romance drama Tell Me You Love Me. The veteran actor will be starring opposite actress Shin Hyun-been in this remake of the popular 1995 Japanese drama of the same name.

Tell Me You Love Me tells the fateful love story of a deaf artist and an aspiring actress and their delicate romance that transcends spoken words.

Jung Woo-sung will take on the role Cha Jin-woo, a free-spirited person who is accustomed to expressing emotions through paintings instead of words. Shin Hyun-been, meanwhile, is confirmed to play the character of Jeong Mo-eun, who is confident at expressing her feelings out loud and proudly fulfills her dreams and love.

The healing melodrama will be penned by writer Kim Min-jung (The Sound of Magic/Love in the Moonlight) and will be helmed by Director Kim Yoon-jin (Our Beloved Summer). The series will start filming at the end of this year.

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