Lee Yeon-hee, Yeo Jin-goo to possibly play a couple in Reunited Worlds

An interesting story and an odd couple. Offers are now out for Lee Yeon-hee (A Millionaire’s First Love, Miss Korea) and Yeo Jin-goo (Jackpot, Circle) to play the leads in upcoming fantasy rom-com Reunited Worlds.

SBS Reunited Worlds will revolve around the story of two childhood friends who were born in the same year but aged differently, with the girl now being a 31-year old woman and the boy an 18-year-old teenager.

If the two accepts the offer, it will be an interesting pairing since Yeo Jin-goo is only 19 years old in real life (turning 20 this August 13) while actress Lee Yeon-hee is now 29 years old.

This project is also the reunion of writer Lee Hee-myung and PD Baek Soo-chan who brought us Beautiful Gong Shim and Sensory Couple. Reunited Worlds is slate to air in July after Suspicious Partner.

<< Yeo Jin-goo, Ahn Jae-hyun, Lee Yeon-hee to lead fantasy drama Reunited Worlds

<< Kwak Dong-yeon, Kim Jin-woo joins SBS fantasy rom-com Reunited Worlds

<< Beautiful Gong-shim team comes back with new fantasy-romance Reunited Worlds


Credits: Dramabeans, Elle, MarieClaire

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