New housemates, love interests for Age of Youth 2

We are going back soon to Belle Epoque and the second season of slice-of-life drama Age of Youth is slowly gaining ground with the recent confirmation of new additions to the lineup. Shin Hyun-soo (Ruler-Master of the Mask), the sunbae boyfriend of Park Hye-soo’s introverted freshman character, and Son Seung-won (Person Who Gives Happiness), Park Eun-bin’s grumpy college newspaper colleague, will both return for Age of Youth 2.

Ahn Woo-yeon (Circle), on the other hand, will portray the outgoing and cheerful idol Hae Im-dal. I really like his character as the paranoid twin brother in Circle wherein he even exceeded my expectations. I really look forward on how he will take another 180-degree turn in this new drama.

And since Park Hye-soo will not be reprising her role in this sequel due to scheduling conflict, her character Eun-jae will instead go to Ji-woo (You’re All Surrounded). So now that Shin Hyun-soo has confirmed his return to the second season, I am not really sure how this new pairing will go. I am pretty excited since reports state that Hyun-soo’s character in the sequel is already an ex-boyfriend. I just hope we get an interesting back story as to how their relationship fell apart.

Previous reports also revealed that aside from Park Hye-soo, Ryu Hwa-young (Father is Strange) will not be returning for the second season as a regular cast and will only appear as a guest star. Her old room in Belle Epoque will now be occupied by a new housemate, rookie actress  Choi Ara.

Age of Youth 2 will fill JTBC’s Friday-Saturday time slot in August currently taken by Woman of Dignity.

Age of Youth Girls
Choi Ara, Ji-woo

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