K-Drama Reaction: Circle: Two Worlds Connected | Episode 11

It’s just sad that the ratings of this show keep getting lower every episode. I feel like more and more people should watch it not only because it’s something fresh, but also the actors are doing incredibly great. The ambitious story line was met, and the dystopian setting was maintained all throughout the series. The audience these days need more of this. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any problem with cutesy, light dramas (I even love them more!), but I really believe that from time to time, the viewers must be open to other types of dramas that will challenge their minds. Yes, it’s heavy drama, but it’s not your typical Korean “drama.” Well, enough of the grumpy me. Let’s start dissecting Circle: Two Worlds Connected’s penultimate episode.

Part 1: Beta Project

I may sound repetitive already but I really like this show’s ability not to drag anything and approach every conflict head-on. It does not delay any questions unanswered. In the first part, we see Woo-jin (Yeo Jin-goo) watching the last video entry of his father Kim Gyu-cheol on the Beta Project. I like how the story was able to twist the father’s image in a 180-degree turn. He was a good guy after all! He decided to end the project and dispose all research data left because he thinks that the memory control technology should not be left in the hands of humans. Because of human greed and control, he risked his own life by stopping the project. He talked to Prof. Han about his decision, but this was not taken lightly by his partner and the Human B organization.

Ahhhh, so Byul (Gong Seung-yeon) overhead the professors’ conversation and decided to erase all her memories. She made this technology, and she will end it right then and there. So this explains why Byul/Jung-yeon was not able to remember everything about her past when she met Woo-jin in the university. I am not sure what to take of this revelation, but I really hope the writers will give us a good explanation about Byul’s background and parentage. Is she an alien or not? Don’t disappoint us, show!

Circle 11 (8)

Since the research data was apparently destroyed by his father, Woo-jin was left in desperation on how to save Beom-gyun’s life. He needs Beom-gyun to undergo surgery for the removal of the blue worm. And the only people who can remove it from him are the ones who made it (aka Human B/Park Dong-geon). I have to say Woo-jin was pretty much the admirable school geek in this episode due to the very elaborate escape plan that he organized prior to his meet-up with Human B. He planned his farewell from the people he loves, yet he crafted a good escape plan to make sure he will come back to them alive.

After Park Dong-geon’s real identity has been revealed much to Woo-jin’s surprise, he was caught off guard once again but he did not bulge. He was determined to live. But his biggest mistake was letting his emotions take over him. While he was running away from the evil guys, he was able to hide under a small tree cave in the rain forest. While hiding, he overheard the evil detective’s revelation about how he killed his father for the same reason that Woo-jin is hiding now. Clouded by anger, he attacked the evil detective! Woo-jina, wae???? You should have just held it in and hide. L After a brief capture, he was able to escape again, but not surviving this time because of a miraculous car driving fast in the middle of the forest! Sometimes, I question the K-drama gods for making scenes like this one. Really? That’s how you kill Woo-jin after everything he has been through?

Yes, my friends. The real Woo-jin died. But not soon after the accident. He stayed in coma for two years while in Dong-geon’s captivity. And the Human B was able to clone him… not just once, not twice, but thrice! Those evil scums!

Part 2: Great New World

We open this next part with cliffhanger from last episode and the continuation of this episode’s Part 1. We see Woo-jin’s clone (Circulator No 3) waking up from bed rest with the memories of real Woo-jin. He immediately fled from the room and met Joon-hyuk/Beom-gyun (Kim Kang-woo) and Jung-yeon escaping at the fire exit. Joon-hyuk was awestruck upon seeing Woo-jin so young even after 20 years.

Circle 11 (14)

Their dilemma was answered by Hyeon-seok and told them that the real Woo-jin died 15 years ago and the one standing in front of them is a clone made by Human B. Woo-jin’s memory box was inserted inside the clone’s brain, making him remember everything up to the day of the accident. They were able to leave the Human B premises through the help of Dong-soo, Detective Hong and the gang.

Circle 11 (15)

While at their hideout, the group was debating the “is he Woo-jin or not?” argument. Dong-soo and Jung-yeon made a very strong point that as long as Circulator No. 3 remembers them, he is still the same old Woo-jin. Jung-yeon used the Byul card while defending her point. She may have lost all her memories as Byul, but she decided to live a new life as Jung-yeon because of Woo-jin. So this clone must be given that chance, too.

Circle 11 (16)

But Joon-hyuk was quick to argue that if they would consider the clone as Woo-jin, what would that make his dead brother? Ah, my tears are flowing during this scene. I am also torn about this Woo-jin clone. If we consider him as the real Woo-jin, it feels like all of Woo-jin’s sacrifices would be put to waste. He came back after all, but not as a human anymore. He is Human B.

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