K-Drama Reaction: The King Loves | Episodes 17-18

We go back to two days prior to the cliffhanger of last week’s episode, and we get a glimpse of how the events unfolded and how our characters came up to every decision they made. We may not understand yet the reasoning behind their respective decisions, but I trust that Won (Siwan), Rin (Hong Jong-hyun), and San (Yoona) all know what they are doing. They just wanted to prevent bigger problems from arising, and protect those whom they cherish most in this world. Another episode broke my heart, and I guess we have to get used to it by now.


This hour’s alleyway will represent all the relationships involving our main leads, and the corresponding actions they do in order to survive the wrath of this very unforgiving world that they live in.


Song-in (Oh Min-suk) tried to lure San into his side of the fence by showing her the realities of being under the mercy of Yuan. I like how he explained the atrocities of the Yuan Dynasty to Goryeo people, especially this very appalling treaty of sending young ladies as tributes. I admit I was moved by how he tried to convince San, but again, his methods are wrong. I understand that he may be really concerned about the welfare of his Goryeo motherland, but please, don’t be scheming and murderous! If he turns into this sly traitor, he is not any different from the royal family that he despised the most.


Rin is faced with a very difficult obstacle of stopping his sister Dan (Park Hwan-hee) from being sent to Yuan as a tribute. He even made a deal with the Queen in exchange of Dan’s freedom. He was willing to be sent to Yuan as a non-service hostage, meaning he will leave Goryeo instead of his sister. He does this not just to protect his sister, but to stay away from Won and San. It pains him to see Won’s love for San. He knows he cannot love her, but he cannot control his feelings anymore. I feel sad for Rin for experiencing all of this. He is just trying to be a loyal friend, a righteous son, and a good brother. Cut him some slack, will ya?

The King Loves Ep 17-18 (18)

I am happy that of all the bad things that has been happening lately, the show rewarded us some RinSan moments in this episode. At last, San now knows that the masked man who saved her from the tavern (when she was probing her father and Song-in’s meet-up) was Rin! She was able to recognize his touch, and realize that he was the one who was always protecting her from harm. I know San will eventually end up with Won in the finale (yes, I just know!), but I like how her confusion is written in the way that the audience will also get confused and ride her journey to self-discovery.

The King Loves Ep 17-18 (19)

As Song-in also pointed out, San is at her best when protecting the weak. She knows what’s best when the situation gets tough. When she asked Won to pick Dan over her, I agree that it’s the right thing to do. The bond between the two men are stronger than their love for her. It should be. By marrying Dan, Won does not only save her from being sent to Yuan, but also prevent Rin from leaving. Heartbreaks can heal, but the pain from your own selfish decisions can last a lifetime.


The love between these two is unspeakable. They deeply care for each other. Rin is ready to offer his life for the sake of Dan. Their only fault was that they both love the wrong person. When Rin tried to convince Dan into declining Won’s offer of marriage, I knew that he is doing it not because he strongly wanted to leave. Yes, partially maybe. But deep inside, he knows the struggle of being close to someone you love the most. You maybe by his side but you can’t hold him. Dan is still overwhelmed by the marriage offer and the thought of being saved from going to Yuan, but sooner or later, she will want more than marriage. When she weds Won, she will eventually ask for affection. And that will not be the case. And Rin knows it all too well.


Rin and Won’s sparring scenes were both heartwarming and annoying at the same time. I love Won for trying to always see the best in Rin. He thought Rin deceived him because he wanted to save him. Won thought Rin would leave him because he wanted to protect him. Yes, maybe that’s somehow true. But we all know that Rin is also crumbling into pieces every time he sees San. He wants her so much, but he values his friendship with Won more. He is ready to leave both of them alone so his love won’t get in the way for the two to be together.

I also liked how Won is noticing the awkwardness between Rin and San. Although he is naive of Rin’s strong attraction for San, I think he is slowly getting there. I am still hoping he won’t turn into this evil monster once secrets have been unearthed.

Won’s special treatment with his shadow guards also warmed my heart. He is aware of Jin Gwan’s feelings for Dan and he asks for understanding if his methods are pitiful, but that’s the best thing he can do to prevent Dan’s exile.


Is it just me or oppa with snake tattoo Moo-suk (Park Young-woon) is developing a love line with Eun San’s personal maid Bi-yeon (Park Ji-hyun)? He was able to recognize her as the young maiden whom he tried to kill years back, and he tried to save her this time against the Queen’s soldier. I won’t protest this attempt, though. I love me some screen time for this hot ninja!

Check out the newest OST “Could You Tell Me” sang by f(x)’s Luna!

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