K-Drama Reaction: Strongest Deliveryman | Episode 8


Aish, so disappointing! After making us happy with their sweet moments in the last episode, here were are again, putting up with Lee Dan-ah’s (Chae Soo-bin) cold treatment to Choi Kang-soo (Go Kyung-pyo). Our heroine probably felt afraid that her growing affection for Kang-soo might hinder her plans to immigrate. I can’t honestly imagine the frustration she is in right now. She couldn’t hold on to Kang-soo because it would be unfair for him knowing that she would leave one day, but she couldn’t also make herself forget him because we all know that suppressing one’s emotions is definitely one of the most difficult things to do. To simply put, it’s like Dan-ah is being forced to choose between her dreams and love. Ottoke!?

IDK if I should laugh or get angry with Dan-ah’s petty and mean actions towards Kang-soo. But she was visibly shaken when she learned that Kang-soo is soon leaving the restaurant because his two-month period in the area is already up. I’m delighted and nervous at the same time when she accepted Kang-soo’s invitation for a movie date because I could already sense that something sad is gonna happen.

True enough because their awesome date ended on a sad note with Dan-ah telling Kang-soo not to come back anymore to their neighborhood once he moves. Ouch. But I’m touched by how Kang-soo surprised her the next day, telling her that he couldn’t do what she told him. Kang-soo might be known as a crazy guy for always meddling in other people’s problems, but we can’t deny the fact that he can also be the sweetest thing!


I’m very happy that Kang-soo and Oh Jin-gyu (Kim Seon-ho) are back to being friends again now that Hyun-soo has finally awakened from coma. It’s also nice to see Jin-gyu swallowing up his pride by apologizing to Hyun-soo personally. I can imagine how liberating it was for Jin-gyu because finally, he was able to get that burden off his chest.

I’m just afraid that Kang-soo and Jin-gyu’s reconciliation might be cut short anew because the two of them are once again on different sides—this time concerning Dan-ah’s dilemma. Jin-gyu told Kang-soo to entrust Dan-ah to him as his new goal in life is to support her dream to find greener pastures in a foreign land. But Kang-soo told Jin-gyu that they should let Dan-ah decide for herself.

I’m wondering why there are still no developments to Kang-soo’s delivery app endeavor? We’re already halfway through this K-Drama yet that part is still vague when it was clearly stated in this show’s promotion that Kang-soo will become the CEO of his own delivery app company. Hmmm…


Ommo, did you notice the reaction of Hyun-soo’s omma when he told her about Kang-soo? It was obvious that something bothered her upon learning things about Kang-soo like his full name, age, and the place where he came from. Plus, the woman in Kang-soo’s photo looked like her! What do you think, could she be Kang-soo’s real omma?

P.S. I hope we get more info about the past of Master Cook Jang Dong-soo (Jo Hee-bong) and Joker Ahjumma Soon-ae (Lee Min-young). What we only know so far is that Master Cook Jang Dong-soo was an ex-thug who was sent to the prison, and that he and Joker Ahjumma had romantic feelings for each other. What caused their fall out?

Make sure to catch the new episodes of Strongest Deliveryman next week!

~Stills are grabbed from kjtamusings.wordpress.com

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