K-Drama Reaction: Two Cops | Episodes 17-18

Annyeong yeorobun! I know this reaction is way behind but let me make it up to you in the coming weeks, yaksok!

A Detective’s Field Trip

Two Cops Episodes 17-18 followed Cha Dong-tak’s “field trip” inside the jail to keep a close eye on Doo-sik, and to get some valuable information that may aid in solving his late partner’s murder. Dong-tak’s cellmates are an interesting bunch, ranging from a small time crook he arrested to an airhead that will make you wonder how he ended up in prison.

PDnim’s mind puzzle started in this episode with a failed attempt to kill Doo-sik. He amp it up when someone tried to slit Doo-sik’s throat while sleeping, and then later on showed  how a knife was recovered from one of Doo-sik’s cellmate. He even highlighted a suspicious prison guard.

PDnim also grouped the cellmates into two: those who have anger management issues, bad personality and will most likely stab someone; and on the other hand, those who are mild tempered, kind and interacts well with others. Though I already had my suspicions early in the episode, it’s still interesting to see how the evil one will be unmasked.

One thing I really appreciated during Dong-tak’s prison excursion is how Doo-sik’s soft side was shown. I did not expect that his hate towards egg is actually an insinuation of something deeper. It was revealed that his sister was hit by a car and died while running away after stealing a boiled egg. It was touching to see him cry when Gong Soo-chang, in Dong-tak’s body, remembered his noona’s death anniversary and set up a memorial inside their prison cell.

Got You Fam

If you may ask who the plaintiff is that sent Dong-tak to prison, it’s no other than the adorable Yong-pal! And though Dong-tak always seemed to be quarreling with his teammates, it was so sweet to see them approach Yong-pal to ask him to withdraw the complaint.

Especially Team Captain who warned his subordinates not to write petitions for Dong-tak but later on tried to butter up Yong-pal in his own cute way.

Foreshadowing of a Dilemma?

Song Ji-an visited Soo-chang in the hospital and told him about his affection for Dong-tak. What worried me in this scene was how the Charming Conman got his spirits up when Ji-an mentioned how warm she felt when he was carrying her on her back. I guess I’m just concerned that Dong-tak will have false hope.

Tipsy Findings

In case you haven’t fallen for Cho Jung-seok oppa yet, here are his charming points.

❤ He can do aegyo  – if you force him to, keke.

❤ He can juggle potatoes, cause, hey, you might not know when you need this life hack. 😉

❤ He’s good at teasing his fans while showcasing his singing prowess. Oppa actually started as a musical actor.

❤ Who do you think is trying to kill Doo-sik? Will Dong-tak get to him in time? Let’s see in the next episode.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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